Behind-the-Scenes at 'Revenge'

Actress Madeleine Stowe talks about her character, Victoria, and work in Haiti.
4:55 | 01/14/12

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Transcript for Behind-the-Scenes at 'Revenge'
Two years ago yesterday that country of Haiti was struck by an earthquake whose aftershocks of suffering. Are still being felt today. The relief effort has been joined by countless aid workers and volunteers in some who are well known for other work among them Madeleine Stowe. The star of the ABC hit revenge the giants' David Wright for two nights. -- -- -- I want to make -- On TV she's the queen of mean yeah she's sent to students from. The only -- sweet about her character Victoria Grayson. They were friends and closer to confuse it hasn't is that adults today in her dolce gabbana dresses -- Newton. Since -- each room. It's all the more Bruno's. Because it comes with the -- always with a smile. In real life -- still could not be more different 100% of all of our -- go to the actual work on the ground she's never been to the Hamptons she spends her spare time. In -- -- -- before the -- before the court. The gunmen I had enough that I I'd have to get my past to upgrade its irons are still ABC's new hit series revenge is -- second round at stardom. In the eighty's and ninety's -- a movie star opposite Tim Robbins and shortcuts. Do you think college. Opposite Daniel Day-Lewis in the Last of the Mohicans. Well. And then he took a break I had my daughter and I re -- something kind of evaporating me kind of drive that I had just dissipated now she's back. But playing a very different sort of character so I'm not impressed -- He's seen some pretty girl -- cheap shoes and the -- centuries -- replaying the -- for the damsel in distress and now. You're the unholy -- The bench that has its and it's a perversely divine state to -- an ethnic -- that can't. It's great fun revenge is kind of the preppy handbook as pulp fiction. The count of Monte -- -- the Hamptons present day this fourth of July he has to have some -- for twenty years and when he's reminding shouldn't. In a way it's totally a throwback to know those big -- shows like. -- Number I hate what you cannot have a and yet we're living in a very different time -- -- really different time and I thought that it might be very distinct for the viewers to see people with a very extravagant lifestyle. But having terrible things happened. The show also stars what may be the most spectacular beach house you've ever seen we -- North Carolina says basically -- At the house that we did the pilot and -- It it's. The whole place re created on a sound stage in Manhattan Beach, California. She gave us a behind the scenes tour. -- -- coming here to. Formerly Conrad studying this is all going to be mind. -- but all the windows and Victoria's balcony looking out on to bear blue walls those spectacular ocean views. Added later in post production of his skin in the -- yes. So manufactured even that Imelda Marcos collection of shoes in Victoria's dressing -- He's a bit of Hollywood magic TJ Maxx exactly midnight are. The shoes she gets to where our whole different story accurate. Putting kids through college with these shoes you -- definitely put into the first -- -- -- As Victoria grace and Madeleine Stowe may be the best dressed woman on television right now. -- that people as to -- everything custom tailored to fit her the -- that you know. -- keep. Still herself -- passionately private most comfortable talking about Haiti. Through group called artists for peace and justice she's helping to build Haiti's first free public high school. Say it'll eventually have 3000 students and the beauty of it is it is completely enclosed in this 41 acre compound. Where this hospital exists of these children we will scan health care a cause close to her heart and I come back the same thing always happens. I'm hungry but I Kenny. Now having me. I feel a pain you know -- -- I feel. An ache in my stomach. The people are so alive and present and when I come back that's Jennifer. It. It's a world away from -- manner I had all the money in the world and she wouldn't spend it on shoes. I'm David Wright for Nightline in Hollywood.

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{"id":15359826,"title":"Behind-the-Scenes at 'Revenge'","duration":"4:55","description":"Actress Madeleine Stowe talks about her character, Victoria, and work in Haiti.","url":"/Nightline/video/scenes-revenge-15359826","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}