Scientology Church on Allegations

Church says its former exec is trying to "misrepresent" Scientology.
5:42 | 03/01/12

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Transcript for Scientology Church on Allegations
-- debit fees that church of Scientology's the only way forward to mental clarity spiritual enlightenment and as its members call it clear. Debbie cook a former church official says she still believes that and yet she's taken the stand in -- Texas courtroom. To testify that church officials held her against her will. In a place known as the hole that church officials deny even exists ABC's Dan Harris continues his exclusive interview. I didn't -- captain flag service organization. -- seventeen years Debbie cook was one of Scientology's highest ranking insiders. But according to her court testimony in June of 2007. She was forcibly taken to the whole. Located here on Scientology's international base in California. It was she says a place for science technology executives who had fallen out of favor -- the leader of the church David -- Davidge. Cooke testified she was in a hole for seven weeks that she and the other executives were fed a sort of slop that the place is crawling with ants. And that the temperature at times reached a 106. Degrees. Would you do all day most of the time the activities were. Either you confessing. -- in. Sins or bad things that you done or getting another person to confessed -- people -- screaming and you. And in some cases sometimes your. May distended trash cans of water sport -- for you that happen -- you yes did you break down and all I did yes I did. The church denied our repeated requests for an interview however their lawyer sent ABC news a letter saying flat out the -- does not exist. And never had. The letter did say that -- voluntarily participated in their program of religious discipline but that she was not taken there by force are held against her will. And that her account of what went on is inaccurate and misleading. In her court testimony cook says several months after she left the -- he decided to leave her position in church management. In this videotape released by the church cook and her husband Wayne -- seen signing contracts. Agreeing to never publicly disparaged the church or its leadership. And accepting checks for 50000 dollars apiece. And I regard this. David it was. For more than four years cook remains silent. But just a few weeks ago when she sent out this email to a large group of fellow Scientologist. Complaining among other things about her belief. -- David -- cabbage -- accumulated too much power. The church sued her for breach of contract. -- lawyers argue that the contract is unenforceable because despite what -- says on this videotape. And you're doing this voluntarily. -- School or force you to do anything I don't know. She now argues she only signed under directs. Something the church did -- it. You know I would have signed that you know I -- -- eighties over and over again and loved it. -- what is done anything basically at that point. In a flurry of statements that ABC news. The church described -- allegations using words like -- salacious defamatory. Fiction. Untrue and distasteful sensational -- and revisionist. Essentially saying that you or your husband -- bitter defrocked apostate that's their term and near part of group of -- takes. -- the church term -- that is squirrels. How do you respond to that. I have never lost my passion or love for the church and all that it stands for and all that it does to help others so I'm not bitter. It's really out of that passion and love and care that I am doing this to -- -- of a situation that has grown out of control. Nobody knew flag like guided irony in our interview Debbie cook repeatedly insisted that her complaints. Were not directed at science -- -- generally only at the current leadership. Especially. Ms. -- Not the church since not Scientology's and it's not harbored it is. -- -- -- -- individual. Operating in the church that's doing these things. However the church sent us numerous letters. From Scientology's executives describing David -- Davidge in glowing terms. The church says the real story here -- told in this upbeat and they've been running on national TV of late. He's the explosive growth of psychology. With 25 new churches built in the last five years alone. Along with -- extensive anti drug and human rights program. The church now says Debbie cook can no longer enter any Scientology's building and can not even call herself a Scientologist. It's very hard it's very traumatic for me and the only thing that drives me is the fact that. I hope I can effect -- change and I hope I can. Hope I can in some way. -- to get it back to what is this supposed to be when it was always intended to -- how optimistic -- that you can do that. -- now I'm not sure we're Nightline this is Dan Harris in -- birdie Texas.

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{"id":15822390,"title":"Scientology Church on Allegations","duration":"5:42","description":"Church says its former exec is trying to \"misrepresent\" Scientology.","url":"/Nightline/video/scientology-church-cooks-allegations-15822390","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}