How SEAL Team 6 Recued Somali Hostages

The elite unit that took out bin Laden pulled off another successful mission.
5:25 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for How SEAL Team 6 Recued Somali Hostages
New -- sales in the emerging story of how a team of Navy SEALs rescued a young American woman and another hostage from a band of armed outlaws in Somalia. The mission involved jumping out of an airplane in the middle of the night hiking for miles an unfamiliar terrain. Lethal combat and a helicopter evacuation in other words. Just another day at the office for seal team six here's ABC's Martha Raddatz. The mission to rescue -- young woman a 32 year old American aid worker being held by Somali pirates. Jessica Buchanan had spent 92 days in captivity along with a sixty year old Danish aid worker -- this state preliminary we'll. -- -- On Monday night President Obama gave final of. Approval for a daring rescue to the same unit that killed bin Laden. The -- seal team six the president personally authorize this Vice President Biden told ABC news that the president had seen intelligence reports. Indicating Buchanan's health was deteriorating. And her life possibly endanger. Due to an undisclosed condition -- Jessica's health who has. Was that word was failing and and they concluded they should go at this time. Details of the operation are still secret but we know something about how -- -- seen here in training films save lives. -- -- hostage rescue mission it's only a successful operation if they can make sure that they're able to. Use of violence against their enemies while making sure that a hostage like Jessica is able to be pulled off the target completely say. -- 1:40 AM Somali time 5:40 PM in Washington. As the president prepared for the state of the union this seal team was aboard a specially equipped. C 130. Moving rapidly toward the target. A remote encampment -- for the northern Somalia we know through this training video seal teams -- incessantly. For such missions the rescue team. Parachuted to the ground quietly landing a few miles from the site. They know that they are going into one of the highest stakes most dangerous operations that any commando forces ever been thrown into. Within minutes of arriving at the encampment. Gunfire erupted from the kidnappers but -- seals quickly killed all nine of the heavily armed man. You wanna hit your enemy when they're not expecting you wanna hit them fast and you -- -- hit him hard Buchanan insisted were both outside. About thirty to forty yards apart. Approximately 45 minutes after the seals parachuted in. US Blackhawk helicopters swooped down. Picked up the seals in the hostages and headed from neighboring Djibouti. The first hint that something extraordinary. Had taken place came at 908 PM back on Capitol Hill in Washington. As he walked into the house chamber for his State of the Union Address. The president was seen congratulating. Secretary of defense Leon Panetta. The president said nothing of the rescued during this speech and it was not until afterwards with Buchanan finally in safe hands. That he was able to call Buchanan's father to tell him his daughter was free Jessica Buchanan's husband Swedish aid worker Arab -- the -- And her younger brother also received the good news. It's just such answered all affairs -- -- -- crowd. Back you know hurt how learn how are really what they do it but what they did it. Buchanan -- her colleague were captured October 25. While visiting sites for their program educating Somali children about the dangers of weapons in this war torn country. Buchanan who was born and raised in Ohio had worked in Africa for years. She was always looking ahead looking forward what can I do how come and grow. How can help people I don't know if you would say that. That Africa grew around her heart or her heart grew around Africa but she could hardly talk about Africa without tears in her -- So far few details of -- captivity have been revealed and more than 154. Hostages are still being held. By various groups in Somalia. In November 2010. Paul and Rachel Chandler were released after thirteen months -- captives of Somali pirates. Who would -- them from aboard their yacht they spoke about the brutality they faced at the hands of their captors in an interview soon after their release. An -- to racial my concede that this is slamming the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That anger and that they would -- -- sent kinda sent. Say just so despicable. You you have to find a way teens. Tonight preparations are being made for Buchanan to be reunited with her loved ones following medical -- valuations. But she is said to be doing well and considering all she has been through for Nightline I'm Martha Raddatz in Washington.

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{"id":15444870,"title":"How SEAL Team 6 Recued Somali Hostages","duration":"5:25","description":"The elite unit that took out bin Laden pulled off another successful mission.","url":"/Nightline/video/seal-team-recued-somali-hostages-15444870","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}