Superstorm Sandy Shuts Down NYC

Biggest city in the U.S. came to a halt as subways flooded and power was shut off during the storm.
3:00 | 10/30/12

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Transcript for Superstorm Sandy Shuts Down NYC
A deadly storm unlike any this city has seen before for the first time since 9/11. All bridges and tunnels leading in and out of Manhattan. Were closed down the city remains eerily dark and quiet tonight. After a massive super storm left half the city without power and partially underwater. -- at this hour this historic storm continues to wreak Havoc up and down the Atlantic seaboard from the Carolinas to Connecticut claiming at least thirteen lives. And causing blackouts and snow storms across the East Coast and midwest. My co anchors cherry -- and Bill -- will be joining us live from Cape May, New Jersey and Lake Erie Pennsylvania. But first we turn to our colleague ABC's juju Chang who spent the day reporting in lower Manhattan. And comes to us now from the city's flooded streets -- Joseph what's the latest. Was Cynthia I have to tell you New York felt like a city under siege we literally had to wade through flood waters down here in lower Manhattan in the mandatory evacuation zone. This storm set the dubious distinction of setting a record storm surge and we -- at its height as the water barreled over. The storm wall and went rushing down the streets. New York City Subway systems has felt the wrath of -- as well lurking in sandy according to the MTA chairman. Has brought down trees ripped out power and inundated tunnels and subway tracks. He said in the 108. Year history of the New York City Subway station. There workers have never faced as big -- challenge now throughout the evening we're standing in the hardest hit part of lower Manhattan the historic. Canyons of lower Manhattan to the right at me as the World Trade Center just. Earlier the 9/11 memorial began flooding several blocks behind me is the New York Stock Exchange the heart of this country's financial district. And all evening we are hearing dramatic stories of dramatic rescues. In a city that is still largely without power and plunged in darkness. Desperate race against the clock and emergency evacuation at the university's -- medical center. Our New York station WABC's Kimberly Richardson is on the scene watching it -- partners shepherd puppy to safety on my goodness that this is a in fact. I yes it is an -- Some 200 patients. Five of them in critical condition being relocated late tonight to other hospitals with the power. Out across lower Manhattan hospitals backup generators have failed -- the rising floodwaters. At other hospitals may be threatened as well. All night storm surges of up to thirteen he'd been battering the southern tip the silent. Streets and avenues turning to rivers as the waters surrounding Manhattan court overseeing walls in the pool and -- side. We went with -- -- governor Andrew Cuomo as he watched the waters -- amounts of one time with the height of the storm and what is your biggest concerns about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Water flooded the newly unveiled ground zero memorial much of it underground. Just uptown the facade of -- four story residential building came toppling down in the high winds exposing the apartments inside. Miraculously leaving no one injured. Earlier this evening -- city closed all the tunnels and bridges out of the city. No apparent. About nine -- and -- and went hunting down the face down part of Brooklyn Bridge as well just about every break on -- Funding and demand. Remember where and pilot here essentially cut off as -- Across the river the waterfront had been flooding since morning in Brooklyn and in Jersey City. The subways and buses normally moving seven million people today stopped running last night. People encouraged to stay in place now those subways are reportedly submerged in four feet of water. We will with the chairman of the MTA when one of the tidal surges they've been warning about happens. What the powerful waters have. Always. On the New York gardeners and anything but -- really like this going it would -- Power was cut into the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel didn't -- yeah. Our satellite truck became stranded and we had to make our way through the floodwaters anyway we couldn't. Imagine that we bring -- -- -- Why didn't care. Optional lady Liberty's torch -- been extinguished as power outages spread across town a small explosion hitting a con Edison plant. There are 375000. People who live in the evacuation zones in low lying areas prone to flooding. Deep in the heart of evacuation zone we ran across stubborn holdouts who decided to ride out the storm. At the -- in the hurricane was on TV the beer on tap. The three friends all zone eight residents were hunkering down what the plan goes on over on the third floor and him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ten. Peanut butter and jelly. Some relief for him as an -- Jack. This -- the one satellite program. We'll. -- as -- this. And over allotment isn't imminent. Exit the inning. People like it -- humanities. Obviously. You know. Few blocks away in the shadow of the Freedom Tower still under construction. Mathieu -- Allison -- -- planned to ride out the storm with their eighteen month old son. -- What we played into your decision to stay. Here instead it evacuating -- a mandatory evacuation site. Yes we are and we are taking this seriously but we're also prepared and I think that's half the battle is being prepared. They've stockpiled in the free agent fill -- tub with water they've been through tough times in lower Manhattan before and that's -- lived through quite a bit here in lower Manhattan. -- -- -- building. -- reconstruction. -- -- been approved ride out their window the footprints -- the World Trade Center once stood and the construction site for the Freedom Tower now flooded what's your. Biggest fear as the storm. Is hanging over us my biggest fears that we have two very large -- I don't know outside our building this -- work to do. Come on and stay at crane come and actually cost -- Matthew was right to be concerned about that crane in midtown this afternoon high above the luxury building a construction crane toppled over in the high winds. I. It did come down so. I'll check it out from a nearby high end hotel it's actually -- their guests. Folks get on the sidewalk tonight that -- dangles in the fierce winds in the Brad Shaw's report that they too have lost power they say it'll be along a couple of days. We are just about literally. Omitted from -- This is not who was not an understatement. And things are not looking good for the -- -- either not only did they lose power but during the tidal surge they got about four feet of water in their lobbies. Now we walked over to that area just a short few blocks from here in about 1 o'clock eastern time. And the water has receded from their lobby but we talked to the maintenance guys and they said their basement is flooded. They have no generator and they have no idea how long it will take them to get systems. Like elevators back online Cynthia it's going to be days if not weeks. For things to return to. Normal back here -- thank you so much for that report now stays safe.

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{"id":17595552,"title":"Superstorm Sandy Shuts Down NYC","duration":"3:00","description":"Biggest city in the U.S. came to a halt as subways flooded and power was shut off during the storm.","url":"/Nightline/video/superstorm-sandy-shuts-nyc-17595552","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"Default"}