Surviving Vegas

Outside the casinos of Vegas, The Lookout finds out how you could still be gambling with your cash.
8:52 | 09/04/13

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Transcript for Surviving Vegas
vegas, baby, yeah, but mind your wallet. Let's do this. Reporter: They say whatever happens in vegas, stays in vegas. One thing almost always stays here, your money. From the moment you fly over the vegas skyline, the strip beckens from below. But we came to vegas on the look out for all the ways you might lose your shirt without ever even walking into the casino. Literally steps from the gate, your wallet is already entering vulnerable territory with slot machines standing at the ready. 20. I'm going to turn into $100. Wait and see. Reporter: But our first tip, keep that change in your pocket. Some vegas experts say the odds of winning at the airport are the lowest in the city, quite an honor in a town like this. We haven't even picked up the luggage yet and already I've lost $25. There are other ways of losing before you leave the airport. The odds are also against you when you hail an airport taxi. We split up in two cars. We're going to the winn hotel. My producers asked their driver not to take the highway. We don't say anything. Now watch as he bluff about the shortest route to the hotel. The highway is the fastest? Not true. It's called the long haul a trick here. Passengers from this airport were overcharged $14.8 million in 2012. The team in the other car stayed off the highway and paid just $18 and got to our destination first. Our taxi charged nearly $30. Plus a $3 charge to use a credit card. So here's a tip. Don't let the driver take the highway. It's usually not the shortest distance between two points. At hotel check in, the hits keep on coming. Rur reservation is booked for two nights? Yes. Reporter: We found out we would be out an extra 25 bucks on top of our hotel rate. What is the resort fee? It's $25 per day. You get all the amenities. It's a very pretty card to tell you you're getting charged more money. Reporter: Turns out the fee is perfectly legal and pops up at 73 percent of vegas hotels. When planning your vacation, look for those fees and factor them into your budget. All in all I was down nearly $100 in unexpected ex pent tours before I even unpacked my suitcase. After settling in we were ready to stretch our legs and take in venice, paris and the rest of the iconic vegas strip. The first stop a cash machine. That would lead us to the great vegas cash machine swindle. When I searched the strip for my bank to avoid the pesky retrieval fees, it was nowhere to be found. 3.95, no thanks. Where was bank of america or chase or wells far go? Not on the strip. Easier for the cash machines to charge exorbitant fees. Turns out the closest bank is a mile away. Our tip, make sure you budget before your trip and bring cash from home. While it's annoying to lose cash on these first few stops, it's chump change compared to the real money vegas pick pockets and thieves go after. On deck to help us avoid these pick pocketing pit falls, this man, a self-described deception specialist and security consultant. What do you think the odds are you come to las vegas and something like this comes to you? You should count on it happening to you and then be surprised when it doesn't. Reporter: Perhaps news that this unsuspecting dad from montreal could use. If I asked you do you have anything in your pockets -- my card and money. Reporter: Watch as he's distracted, seem offering helpful advice but as he's doing that he's stolen the guy's belongings. Step over this way for a second. This pocket you did have a room key which means you're staying at the trump and in the other pocket you had cash and credit cards and your id and all those things as well. Thank you very much. Reporter: He says keep your hands in your pockets so thieves stay out of them. It's not just pick pockets angling for your cash. Signs selling just about everything dot the landscape, hustlers selling anything from beer tickets to strip shows seem to pop up everywhere. We were about to find out the hard way that if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. Are you going to put me on tv? I'm a sexy dude, you know what I'm saying. Reporter: This guy promised a vip evening at one of vegas' hottest clubs for $10 a person. But this guy offered the same for $5 a person with free drinks for the ladies. You're not going to wait in line. You're going to get right in. Roberto is going to take good care of you. Reporter: The mysterious roberto confirmed our free drinks by text. All set, please check in 10:00 to 12:00 at the second level guest list line. Are. Reporter: At 11:15 we were ready to glide on in vip style. Ain't no party like a lookout party. We have had lots of check points. It's worse than tsa but we're getting there. Where are the free drinks? Someone told you the wrong time. It says ladies drink free. Reporter: Where was the famous roberto. He's about this short. Reporter: After approximately six lines we are now in the We did make it into the club but no drinks be weary when approached by vip deals by total strangers. The next morning we hadn't quite learned our lesson. More offers came our way as we strolled along the strip. This guy, michael, said we could get four free tickets to three shows all for $20 which we would get back along with the tickets after a 90-minute presentation. Go out there and go. You don't have to buy anything. Reporter: When we got there we were given a swoon worthy sell on a time share. Anyone would like to go? Reporter: Our cameras were often unwelcome and before we could get our show tickets and $20 deposit back, we were led to six different sales agents who each quoted us different prices over the course of two and a half hours, even after stating multiple times that we weren't really interested. No one told us when we were told about it on the street that we had to decide now or never. So that turned me off a little bit. I do have one more question for you. If I can offer you everything that they offered you today for this total price, would that make a difference? No. Again, I didn't know that I had to decide today. Reporter: After the ordeal we finally got our tickets and our $20 deposit back, but if we had folded, we could have spent anywhere between 5 and $25,000. There was no clarity on what we were really, really being sold, the amount that we would ultimately have to pay. That was never entirely clear. It was an exploding offer and the offer was dead as soon as we walked out of the building. We're all glad to be out of that building. All in all, our vegas trip could have run us tens of thousands in potential costs. Perhaps it's best to listen to vegas' patron saint and come ready to burn a whole lot of money or learn a thing or two

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{"id":20161244,"title":"Surviving Vegas","duration":"8:52","description":"Outside the casinos of Vegas, The Lookout finds out how you could still be gambling with your cash.","url":"/Nightline/video/surviving-vegas-20161244","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}