Suze Orman: Reducing Holiday Debt

Financial expert talks about recovering from overspending after the holidays.
3:00 | 01/09/12

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Transcript for Suze Orman: Reducing Holiday Debt
And if the cost of decking the halls last month as you ducking your credit card bills. -- you're not alone consumer borrowing in America is back to a pace we have not seen in ten years pumping up total credit card debt. It's almost 800 billion dollars. Enter personal finance guru Suzie -- with a dose of her signature tough love and something else. A new kind of plastic. Here she is -- my colleague -- check. -- The garden state plaza mall in program -- security comments cannot verify that today. Suzie Orman is helping shoppers recover from their holiday hangovers twenty dollars -- to -- for raging against credit card debt. And helps them. All the present that you bought for somebody could be the money that you could fix your. I don't know what happens when Tata. Why do you find -- gift for somebody when you have credit card debt. Johnson -- racked up five K in credit card debt to help pay for his wife Mimi is culinary school she's made the mistake of cashing in her for a one -- You know watch my show where I would have yelled that you're hiding their money -- -- Friday night and oh my god and you let her do what -- He -- -- -- happy it's no holds barred it's easy to use debit cards -- credit. How much is -- -- -- to -- can look at it's happy and whenever he -- don't let her peak instantly do. Local. May seize barn and -- her hands and Harry Armstrong. Is what can -- -- -- person's wallet. I can tell that if a person. Has a wallet or purse that has all the money won't stop. They don't expect it and if you can't be -- might need to -- credit. Did these days -- real mission turning all her firepower against a surprising new target. Debit cards and what are the -- at your debit parents. More comments to pay for that every month. You know the -- of those cards. No C just use them and you don't know if they charge or not. Kind monthly charges fees for every transaction including ATMs Susie says the pitfalls are endless. So today she's launching her own debit card which is fully transparent no hidden fees just three dollars a month. And it's a prepaid card which means you can only spend what you point in no danger of overdraft charges. You're not charge every time you use your card you are not -- every time you take money out of an ATM. You are not charged every time you pay bills online. You are not charge for half the things at all these other cards -- you -- you closed on the hired. You're not -- ten dollars to close down the tired. Sort of contradiction in terms right here you are offering a card but -- -- not -- and I want them to -- needs on this -- I do not want them to -- it wants and their faith I don't want to contribute. -- -- -- wasting money on things that they're never going to use. Like the Occupy Wall Street campaign that inspired 80000 people that closed their bank accounts if it. -- -- -- lamented telling people to -- -- that people can go off the -- they can take their money out of the bank and they can give it took credit union you hate banks and yet you're getting in the bank to do everything I kinda had not first of all let's be clear I don't -- -- I think it does not assume since August or how bad there are many -- -- their community banks small -- that really -- By they consumer. Foliage seventy fall for extra security accounting for debit cards -- -- -- every time he made the purchase all of it happened. Except me show you what had. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How do you feel and I tell you that anything you do with the debit card does not account -- different school. -- that that all important fight -- working impact so many of your monthly bills. Tight hold. That if you don't have a fight those who -- a landlord -- not rent to you. Your car insurance premiums your life insurance premiums your health insurance premiums are high here in May need to be what I told him. There's something radically wrong with this system. That penalizes you if you only pay in cash or debit card. And yet rewards you for putting money on -- credit card that you simply paid the minimum -- -- and racking up debt and debt. And that is what really sets her new debit card apart from the -- it's the first one in history to share information with one of the major credit bureaus Trans Union. Though it might take a couple of years before he can build credit. It's an experiment everybody. My goal is to get it so that debit cards -- -- -- score and if it can't. We changed the scoring system in the United States of America and so is one credit agency enough though to to make those -- -- no I want experience to join me in this I want at the facts come on everybody what does the skeptics out there -- this it's out there with say -- -- just trying to -- your -- bank account by doing this yeah I'm sure they're gonna say that but I know. That the people out there know I have always put their needs first for. Ten years she's been counseling a not so rich on her highly rated TV show all of us at times in -- life need as serious financial wake up call. And before that -- spent ten years the financials planner still as a trusted TV money guru her crusade is raising eyebrows simply because she stands to profit. This can't be a completely selfless act you gotta be making chunks of money I don't -- make a ton of money. It's -- same thing when I write a book but I in it not only for myself I'm it is review as well. With this -- are you putting your reputation on the line I think I am putting my reputation on the line because many people are going to say -- just wants to make more money -- -- this season that. I don't care what they say that this card doesn't work the way -- I say it works and there goes my reputation. And in the meantime Susie we'll continue to dispense advice it's not like she can't help herself. Pay down your credit card debt in fall remember The -- -- with their 5000 dollar credit card debt. Your happiness is dependents -- -- even -- tears in her eyes. That you love each other and struggle through and you do without when you have to. And -- in the struck. Yeah and so it's not about the money it's about how much you loved one. No matter how much money she makes on her debit card it seems she'll always be willing to give away advice for free. I'm -- Chang for Nightline in Paramus New --

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{"id":15326738,"title":"Suze Orman: Reducing Holiday Debt","duration":"3:00","description":"Financial expert talks about recovering from overspending after the holidays.","url":"/Nightline/video/suze-orman-reducing-holiday-debt-15326738","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}