Taylor Swift on New Song Inspiration: ABC Exclusive

Singer talks about her newest break-up anthem, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."
3:00 | 08/14/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Taylor Swift on New Song Inspiration: ABC Exclusive
Taylor Swift to know her is to love her or so say her millions of fans who love her heartfelt style. An honest lyrics famously calling out even the guys who have done -- wrong. An exclusive interview she tells me this story behind her new single which she debuted. Just hours ago. She's one of the biggest recording stars in the music business today. Thanks to mega hits like sparks fly. And -- mean he's pocketed six grammys and the Grammy goes to Taylor -- Sold 22 million -- and was recently heralded by Forbes magazine as the highest paid celebrity. Under the age of thirty all by the ripe old age of 22. Taylor Swift is as big as -- Just hours ago. Legions of swift's fans she's got seventeen million followers on Twitter alone -- -- into an interactive webcast I'm new to. I'm so excited you guys I have wanted to tell you so many things for so long and so I think it -- just tell -- them all. I have a new album coming out October 20 seconds. Then she literally lifted the curtain on her new album cover rent. -- like yeah. I wrote a song called red and sound. You know thinking about what that means to me and all the different emotions that are. Written about on this album spanning from an intense -- intense frustration jealousy confusion all of that. In my mind all of those emotions are -- Fans got to hear the first public outing of her new single. We are never ever getting back together. I met up with -- recently in Nash bills and upcoming Glamour Magazine profile and Nightline feature. He is a sneak peek at the story behind. We are never ever getting back together. Tell me about writing -- reading we're never getting back together was one of the most hilarious experiences -- ever had in the studio because. It just happened so naturally like it was. I was riding -- -- Max Martin and you -- -- back who -- Two of my apps that songwriting heroes they're just. Absolute melodic geniuses and this guy -- who was different axes. And starts talking about how like he's heard we're gonna get back together. And that was not the case and so when he leaves. But knack Sanyo well what's the story behind that and so I start telling them the story up it's just. Break up get back together break up get back together just. The worst. And I think that the it's -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- and like it just happened so fast so much fun. The million dollar question with -- -- she never ever getting back together. For fans know she never names names. Doesn't mean they can't have --

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{"id":16999087,"title":"Taylor Swift on New Song Inspiration: ABC Exclusive","duration":"3:00","description":"Singer talks about her newest break-up anthem, \"We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/taylor-swift-song-inspiration-abc-exclusive-16999087","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}