Teen Dates Former Teacher: Criminal?

She's 18, he's 41, but Mom claims it all started when her daughter was a minor.
5:53 | 03/02/12

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Transcript for Teen Dates Former Teacher: Criminal?
A question of love. Or crying -- California high school student. Has left school and moved in with her male 41 year old former teacher she's eighteen now. And she and her boyfriend -- their relationship is innocent may December romance but her mom. Claims a crime has occurred here and she points to some 8000 text messages. Many dating to when her daughter was a minor to prove it here's ABC's really -- This might look like it isn't love for James in Jordan. But he is 41 and she's eighteen and there's another twist one month ago he was her high school teacher and love. Yes and -- left and -- my best friend and mean he's more than just. -- other I would say we're in love also I would say I'm I guess I can speak for myself. James in Jordan first met when Jordan was a high school freshman he was hurt business class teacher. When I had Jordan as a freshman when she was fifteen she wasn't interested in school at all she failed my -- miserably not moderate state. Not not the model student this -- experience and boom in two years later he -- her again. Instead they -- -- -- relationship but that it ended there we had a history I think her freshman year than average user about might go or you have failed us -- to. It was only this school year when Jordan was a senior that things got more intense. They say it was during an overnight school field trip in December where they say they started to see each other in a different light. You got a four hour car ride each way you're gonna talk you're you're going to sing together you're gonna have fun you're gonna laugh. And and I think that's where I may have seen shortened the real Jordan for the first time. They both denied that anything sexual happened before she turned eighteen out. But Jordan's mom doesn't buy it he's a master manipulator he thinks he's above reproach above the law. She's launched a public campaign against him on FaceBook where she posted a letter saying. The two exchanged 8000 text messages long late night phone calls and emails when powers was a minor. And she says wasn't legally old enough to consent when you're authoritative position as an educator. You don't seduced her student. Period she's still in high school she still of that -- she has a curfew you know insidious or student that's not -- pretty -- Police are now investigating whether or not -- in Jordan had a sexual relationship while she was a minor. What are investigators looking for through what they stay in hotels are very -- that saw him. Are there any friends of this girl that you talk to Teva and what given the text messages in the concept of -- text messages. So I think of it -- be looking at all those things witnesses receipts they be looking to see whether money was being spent on this girl. According to your mother she found an estimated 8000 text message between the two -- -- did all the way back to this summer. Now. That's those are all my text messages together and I had -- and onetime -- summer. Just to say that I had him as a teacher from his senior year. And -- I don't even think -- a pint. So there was now calling and texting before I was thinking -- -- Since going public with their romance hooker has resigned from his teaching job of fifteen years. He plans to file for divorce and left his three kids behind including a seventeen year old daughter who attends the same school. If -- seventeen year old daughter any year decided to start dating. One of her former colleagues. And left home and moved in with him. That be okay. I would that we want to make sure that she is thought things through I want -- also she's happy and. I think following your heart is important and how would you feel if this was your father doing this year. Finally I would just on the best friend and I mean my father passed away when I was nine and so. But I would just want to -- I just want him to be happy. It hasn't been easy on Jordan either. She's had to leave home and stopped attending classes because of all the attention why -- -- -- school. -- just because everybody talking and just. IPhone like it was a passing. At this time it was pretty crazy and it's pretty late. Some. -- there she says that's her hanging just. Felt like I was being attacked -- -- -- even your friends yes. Meanwhile Jordan's mother Tammy continues to vent her anger on FaceBook calling her daughter's lover an arrogant -- -- -- -- First of all -- powers doesn't know me she can call me whatever she wants -- -- she also has sent -- threatening text messages. And she's threatened to kill me. So I mean there's a lot of things that she has accused me a lot of things that she has called me. And I haven't haven't reacted I have chosen to allow her to put her campaign together and and she really is trying to smear me. Despite the firestorm James and Jordan say they are relishing being together. -- -- share an apartment in this complex and plan for a long future. Someone you see spending a long time with -- -- maybe even. -- -- -- During that same. I think we've spent a lot of time talking about what this might look I can. If this was a road that we were going to pursue you know we really do you want to have a future together. They've certainly sacrificed everything for their romance a decision most can't understand. -- Lost your career and protests have you boss cheer -- wife and children. Right now yes. What makes this worth that. I think. At some point you you take a leap of faith when when love is involved. For Nightline I'm Cecilia they got in Modesto California.

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{"id":15830574,"title":"Teen Dates Former Teacher: Criminal?","duration":"5:53","description":"She's 18, he's 41, but Mom claims it all started when her daughter was a minor.","url":"/Nightline/video/teen-dates-teacher-criminal-15830574","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}