Telenovelas Find New Niche in US Market

From Sofia Vergara to William Levy, some Latin stars launched their careers on Spanish soap operas.
3:00 | 08/16/12

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Transcript for Telenovelas Find New Niche in US Market
What could possibly make miami's sunny shores even hotter? How about a major influx of latin america's most sizzling tv stars. As many of the incredibly popular spanish speaking soaps called telenovelas coming to florida. They're bringing about the kind of starower and plots. Here's abc's matt gutman. It's like the fish and the turkey bit themselves together with a pepper. Reporter: Before she was making laughs at gloria in "modern family," sofia vergara is in "burning for revenge." And before "dancing with the stars," william levy would youed us as alejandro. Reporter: Those stars got their big breaks on telenovelas. And traditionally, those drama-soaked roller coaster shows were produced in mexico and watched by millions of fans around the globe. But increasingly hispanic actors are coming here to miami to film telenovelas, it's even being called the new tinseltown. A lot of them wanted to get away from the countries of origins, the colombias, the mexicos. Then they found the jobs here. It was kismet. Reporter: It was the second around third generation of hispanic viewers. People don't really fall in love, with the person on that screen. They will transcend that screen and fall in love with you. That's why william levy, they know his name. They will follow him on "dancing with the stars." Reporter: On the sit of a hit telenovela with a goddess-like former miss mexico world blanca soto. It's one of the most successful and profitable telenovelas ever. In telenovelas, the stand-byes are a touch of violence. A couple of well-timed slaps and a lot eauty. Yesterday, I found out I was pregnant. Actually, in the same day, they told me I had cancer and i didn't. I was pregnant. Reporter: But even as american soap operas like "all my children" have gone away, telenovela directors like maria pereira figured out how to stay on top. How does that compare to what you have seen on american network tv? I think it's different because they have the whole show ready. We don't have the whole show ready. We work day by day. Everything change in a day. Reporter:10 million people watched the final of the telenov telenovela. It's able to stay profitable because of the break-neck production. And the telenovelas in the u.S. Have plenty of opportunity for talent to cross over into the general market. When in they see the number 50 million hispanics and the money that we bring to the table and the fact that they're extremely loyal of the talent that's captured their heart, there's an emotional connection. So if you're smart, you're going to capitalize on that. Reporter: Sofia vergara at the age of 17 got a spot on a pepsi ad in latin america. Now, she's the multimillion-dollar face of pepsi international, not to mention kmart. The opportunities for the hot new stars certainly are growing even beyond the set says this woman who works with vergara and blanca soto. So this crossing the way for them? Absolutely. First of all, they need to be talented. They need to be bilingual and multicultural. In normal, you say "i love you." In a telenovela, you say "i love you." Reporter: She teaches me one of the staples in telenovela acting. Miguel depuguttman for "nightline." Next up, where were you when

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{"id":17024429,"title":"Telenovelas Find New Niche in US Market","duration":"3:00","description":"From Sofia Vergara to William Levy, some Latin stars launched their careers on Spanish soap operas.","url":"/Nightline/video/telenovelas-find-niche-us-market-17024429","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}