5 Dead as Deadly Tornado Cluster Hits Okla.

Officials say people were stuck in gridlock on a major interstate and a mother and baby were sucked out of their car.
11:03 | 06/01/13

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Transcript for 5 Dead as Deadly Tornado Cluster Hits Okla.
We're coming to you with breaking news out of western Oklahoma -- a staggering five twisters have wreaked Havoc. At this hour there are at least five confirmed deaths and the storms triggered widespread power outages and evacuations. The new cluster of deadly storms touched down in the same part of the state. Decimated by that mile wide twister which struck Moore Oklahoma just eleven days ago. Tonight ABC's ginger -- is on the scene with more on -- weather nightmare that doesn't seem to end for the people of Oklahoma ginger. Do do it hasn't ended the nightmare still coming down in the form of rain at times relentless rain and that is the biggest and most urgent issue facing central Oklahoma right now. Flash flooding we're still hearing about dangerous conditions. All over on some of the highways and some of the smaller roads to you will of course find -- awful lot more overnight. But here's what I want -- now about what we know about what happened today. I'm standing in front of a community college you can't see much here because it is -- -- dark at this hour. But it is right here in El Reno one of the first spots that was affected by the tornadoes. It -- this out and just basically took the inside out I think that's how a lot of -- they're feeling here. They had had so much torn from -- and torn apart time and again and now. Five new reported tornadoes right here. I was watching these storms come toward the city and I got this feeling in my stomach. I thought how could be happening again really to track and that same way but really this time going straight to the city. And that as we were getting out we got stuck in gridlock like so many others I 44 I 35 and -- forty huge huge highways here. And they were almost shut down now one storm case there and I know this guy Brandon Sullivan. He was trying to get away from the tornado because it was wobbling I was watching the radar very odd the way that it moved north and south southeast and northeast. You gotta see this video take a lesson. How -- -- -- there is just pieces of debris coming out of the car eventually won cracked the windshield they -- coming at them. Very dangerous situation fortunately everybody inside that vehicle OK there were many other storm cases in the course got many pictures and video to. And it really gives an indication of what's happening you're seeing -- -- and TV and whether that comes their images. Multi vortex tornado here we -- seeing -- draft comes down draft comes out almost looks like sister tornadoes at times. But again what a volatile situation we knew -- -- going to be a violent day and unfortunately. It came together to be just that 80000 without power -- -- And a long night. Very wet a -- -- -- thanks for that harrowing report and please stay safe. It is a truly shocking sense of deja Vu as ginger described in Oklahoma tonight. Amidst this stormy chaos Highway Patrol officer Betsy Randolph spoke with us just a short time -- going gave us the latest update. -- what she's seeing unfold along highways -- an alarming number of people. Or on the road when the tornadoes hit and are now stranded in their vehicles but first she confirmed that two of the multiple fatalities tonight. Were a mother and her child. Aren't big court ordered that go to -- -- were affected -- -- a lot of questions overturned vehicle. A mother and that they be -- their lot about it and I that would. Swept up -- dormant projector really heartbreaking and -- tonight following the tragedy somewhat Monday. The mother and the baby who you say were swept up in the storm where they. Did there it did they -- were they in a car accident what happened. What happened on that you -- they were traveling on interstate and their car. We're not -- -- that the tornado and neighbor they were not out of their vehicle. And and and problem from their vehicle and back on the troopers got to what they spot which overturned vehicle. They were told by somebody that was traveling with a -- that would have -- one member walked. They told them that the mother and a child may have been that they did not out of the vehicle and -- -- into the -- And so charged -- and and Richard Burr speck on the mother and that they could be a short distance. And short time later and both of them -- to -- That's tragic and other then those two fatalities which are tragic enough have you heard. Accounts of other casualties. I I have heard of some other I don't know how many other can't confirm any other -- right now. They're cute that we work the mother -- -- the only -- I would patrol work -- the best of my knowledge. -- that multiple crash at multiple overturned vehicle. What -- you give to someone who's driving down that highway maybe they have kids in the car and suddenly a storm like that. Approaches -- -- stay in the card you try to get off the highway. Well a couple of things we tell people number one do our part to dry -- -- that immediately turn black if there. -- -- -- -- -- -- impact your vehicle immediately -- that's an indication that there isn't really rapid. Change and -- temperature and when that happens we you know that there could be a tornado Pratt and we actually -- immediately. Moved to leadership our children around wage and then believe -- -- vehicle. Because -- especially tonight the mother and the child that was swept under the of course that out of their vehicle. You know are you aren't your seat -- is no match -- tornados and -- -- We know that the low budget art to the ground that they -- that you're going to be. That we can help people get off probably get out of your vehicle and seek shelter and a low lying area -- -- at the edge. Of course and the tornado that we had recently in Oklahoma the only place -- you are sure to be right the underground. Such vital advice coming from Highway Patrol officer Betsy Randolph -- thanks. Joining us now is veteran storm chaser reed timber who is an El Reno Oklahoma and was swept up amidst the monster storm. As it was bearing down earlier this evening he still tracking the swirling disaster and he paints a vivid picture. Of the latest in a string of disastrous Oklahoma twisters. Well eventually -- out it is going to be a -- -- -- was now. A tactic look like it hit it yet but they're basically an all ingredients -- -- the paper. Strong tornado when that happened on the various Christian -- and tornadoes hood developed the wall Bob that lower paying down below debate this storm. It started -- very rapidly in the -- and ordered her miniature tornadoes. That are spinning around like it here down in a multiple vortex tornado are developing very close that vehicle a violent violent motion. And then it turned him do -- half mile wide. Murky. And we are driving after heavy armored vehicle called the denominator. And they drop the ground apart frolic like going to the ground and -- deployed -- actually had our our good ripped up the vehicle but. -- you're an experienced storm chaser and yet -- sustain pretty severe damage to your truck. Yes there are sucked pretty beat up laughter -- -- -- have to go back tomorrow and it's -- And put it back on and we'll be ready to go we know the ones that you get really close you and in this case. We did a little bit further back. Read I know that a lot of the concern in this cluster of storms centered around I forty which is a main court -- a highway a lot of people were trapped. As that storms were barreling down. Yeah -- continued. -- storm and stop how that was look at the case appreciate that it damaged and there are emergency vehicles there. And our thoughts and prayers go out those people. And our thanks to -- -- -- an extreme meteorologist. And our coverage of the second major storm to batter the Oklahoma area in as many weeks continues. Now with Philip barges. Who suffered unfathomable loss just eleven days ago two of his young daughters were killed in the twister. That hit his home in Oklahoma. And now just two days before his children's memorial service. He and his wife and their two other children found themselves face to face with another deadly storm. We took a look out the window and see you know what was coming our way so. Given what we experience they'll last Monday we -- -- the beer garden and India -- a lot of people say and head south. So you didn't even wait for an evacuation where you headed out. Correct yeah we we loaded up you can mount -- that other family members convoy to -- being this far south as we couldn't. When traffic got bad restarted these. Can you describe for me at the worst what did the storms look like. Problem well I know there whenever I was -- itself. You could see business swirling winds in the -- -- -- grass and not. A gun maybe -- so we restarted work our way each -- blinding rain and extreme winds. Where are you now how safe are you in relation to say that. Storms that are around you. We're actually had a Oklahoma city -- house we have some of this weather still blown -- That's what mood -- here so we're -- old tried so this is gone and and then we'll go back to see if what -- is being done were removed temporarily out. I know that you suffered a devastating loss last week with your daughter's -- and Sydney lost in the storm. My condolences for that what was going through your mind as you saw this -- twister. Approaching your family. I think what would go through most bothers monitors -- or not this again and you're not taking what I -- -- so. We we loaded up and then there was no -- -- whatsoever they're given the circumstances. My wife who -- all -- and my kids remain calm and we loaded up in the vehicles in. And I got as far south -- would let us. How are they doing your wife -- I know was in the house. When -- two daughters were killed in the last storm how is she doing how is she holding on during this storm. -- she's doing surprisingly strong arming she's she's a little shaken obviously our nerves are a little -- given everything she's been through but -- You know she's she's been strong I think she's been stronger for me -- been for itself -- and we're trying to help each other out there. Whatever we face moving forward -- this established via another thing that we've been aware of. Our sincere thanks to Philip Bob dart barges and his entire family our hearts go out to all those who have suffered so much during these storms.

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{"id":19303441,"title":"5 Dead as Deadly Tornado Cluster Hits Okla.","duration":"11:03","description":"Officials say people were stuck in gridlock on a major interstate and a mother and baby were sucked out of their car.","url":"/Nightline/video/tornado-kills-storm-ravaged-oklahoma-19303441","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}