Traveling with Sticky Fingers

Part 1: Take a back seat to a family's road trip to find out where the germs really lie.
10:02 | 06/12/13

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Transcript for Traveling with Sticky Fingers
-- this room. Larry that. I just do a lot of strange things in my career this might help the lives. My assignment to -- within America. Yeah road trip. -- Where are the -- on a trip like this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your target the polls found -- -- Door handles with your bare hands. -- -- -- -- Things that everybody touches I just kind of -- really worry about it. -- -- -- -- -- Operation begins at the. Cool sunny. -- shadow of the family and small and -- of -- -- John Paul sports. Both he and on the road. Mrs. Bolton has agreed to this all expenses paid experiment -- Cheesy jams everywhere. They'll always nasty -- So -- the road sort of follows Monday's. You Rhode Island wanted to -- John Knapp CNN countries to analyze your small. -- -- San Antonio. 316. Foreign germ -- miles. And every managed voice on camera. -- -- My word began here keep the -- port. It's four million people are truly do every year -- plenty of prizes and relive the rides. Here with loosely -- -- over the -- They -- behind. Everything you're going to tell she told Germany's net -- in one. Thing. Women and I'm sure your trainer -- just political -- -- -- didn't think it's a question like this have wasteful. The root cause you're holding on to. Just -- It's Rachel right our next -- was that broad street and good safety car. Yeah. As we approach the boardwalk bullet for the first time in my life I began to wish. Taken off -- We had -- Jones. -- The safety -- for dear life like -- to wonder how many friends and many -- Great. Dinner that -- Rachel was already getting Sony to my hands sanitize -- only works for nine one. -- sculptures. Fears rubbing off on. -- -- Thinking about all the germs veterans at this. Well that's the problem when I think about it. -- the family finished dinner we'll. Norman. The next hotel rooms. Old -- Original Nigeria and other. Disease called there's gonna live on our services were born -- yeah. Johnson in this room is Jeremy it's too often the last. -- -- I'm not a moment too soon. -- If you actually think about how many people slept in a hotel bad you might actually never leave her. Yeah. You our annual killer for me this picture control -- the telephone. Yeah. We're very bedspread. It very fast. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As we were talking into bed I -- -- mile -- Latin -- just beginning. Why does nothing here you wonder -- -- -- After a night of Jeremy -- I was happy to violin. -- -- yeah. A grown -- worries faded away -- -- the blissful ignorance of youth. Yes. -- Yeah it's great -- and doesn't every child dream of being an astronaut. A. Surrounded by joystick and buttons and the kids who -- to Tyson. I remembered something the germ -- told me and child's hand and visit Gerry Adams best friend. I can tell you -- -- -- Yeah. Okay. Everything -- -- seemed like him. -- -- -- It's a great -- -- -- They can imagine the ball. Crawling and teasing. The bull put the book and it -- that we find here. Wasn't gonna wait for the lab results. You know that you. -- -- sealed -- right now is now. All right -- there may -- Twelve -- six seized the opportunity swapping Riley and four and there. The sanitize -- really work. After hours in this place I was hoping that -- would tell us that it does here's our little boy and -- was on the case. Back in Texas it was time to beat on the menu today. Eight some serious VD. They -- it. The boys were Lawson figured it couldn't have come -- one or twelve -- -- seven -- And Rachel wasn't so easily distracted. When I first walk into a restaurant I go straight to the tabletop or those -- really thing. Would you like that people before you answer -- and as we would find this was exactly this is swelled. -- -- I have baby -- thank you have quite a disinfectant wipe. Packing my purse. If they had a preference it would be -- -- field. I just kind of -- not really worried about. Things -- walking -- my mind. -- for the BBQ -- caravan hit the road again our next stop San and polluting. Yeah. The longest leg of our journey so far but -- walked inside the family -- -- -- and Exxon world. So yes or no loss on average people with children have far more bacteria in their cars. Than people without it we're gonna look for -- for a recall like. I think there and -- We are -- three. On our goals being. We are heading to sea world. And we are to encounter. Literally flying and was. Slimy -- -- off even Rachel couldn't resist. After beating these guys we -- -- hungry ourselves but at lunch how. -- blissful day. Is there wiping down the table doesn't mean they're making it. -- There was this cleaning cleaning off mean condiment area. -- -- -- -- -- School where laughed openly -- ranks both Harry. -- -- -- -- And waiting for the perfect moments yeah -- right. -- -- -- -- -- -- Sure. Guard Jeremy mission was nearly -- Cendant president teams have their finals -- I realize that I'd miss my. After all the fun excitement and backseat and six. I was sad scene there. For your love away. And I wasn't so sure I wanted these memories be tomorrow we'll of the germ line. --

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{"id":19387639,"title":"Traveling with Sticky Fingers","duration":"10:02","description":"Part 1: Take a back seat to a family's road trip to find out where the germs really lie. ","url":"/Nightline/video/traveling-sticky-fingers-19387639","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}