Troops Home for the Holidays

An emotional homecoming for thousands as President Obama hails end of Iraq war.
2:42 | 12/15/11

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Transcript for Troops Home for the Holidays
When it started the Pope was polish there was no such thing as FaceBook and Barack Obama was a state legislator and now. The Iraq War is coming to an end the men and women who fought it were all volunteers answering the call to serve now the last of them. Are returning home. They are coming home after more than eight and a half long years of war in Iraq. Coming home. You know what -- exists. Or at home. You know oil -- our lives until we -- do -- do it. Staff sergeant James Courter has served four tours of duty in Iraq the other day he was awarded the bronze star and as he packed up. He tried to find the words for what it all mean. It's personal me what is the loss here was being -- here is close to my heart too many people gave too much. I'm actually honored to be here and be the last -- -- -- Barack. The war in Iraq began with a display of American might have been a night of shock and -- It ends for our country on a note of somber reflection and -- -- At Fort Bragg in North Carolina President Obama hailed the returning troops and sort to speak for the nation and express how we feel. About the million and a half Americans who serve. Every single one of them a volunteer. You remind us. There's something bigger. Differences something that makes us one nation and one people. Regardless of color regardless of -- -- minus one nation. We asked so much of them. 4487. Gave their lives in this war more than 30000. Wounded. And for all the returning from all who serve the president today spoke of how their lives. And hours are forever marked by their hard -- Years from now your legacy will endure in the names of your fallen comrades etched on stones at Arlington. The quiet -- across our country. In the whispered words of admiration as you march in parades. In the freedom or children. Or grandchildren. In the quiet -- night you'll fault -- your heart. Was once touched by fire just a few hours ago staff sergeant quarter made it home to Fort Hood Texas. Andy got them hugging kids. I could not be prouder. America could not be proud of.

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{"id":15159699,"title":"Troops Home for the Holidays","duration":"2:42","description":"An emotional homecoming for thousands as President Obama hails end of Iraq war.","url":"/Nightline/video/troops-home-holidays-15159699","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}