Trump Celebrates Saved Carrier Jobs While Nearby Plant Plans Mexico Move

President-elect Trump praised his deal to keep 1,000 Carrier jobs in the US, but ball-bearing plant employees might lose their jobs to Mexico.
7:45 | 12/02/16

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Transcript for Trump Celebrates Saved Carrier Jobs While Nearby Plant Plans Mexico Move
Thank you for joining us. President-elect trump launching his thank you tour in Cincinnati tonight with a major cabinet announcement after celebrating a win in Indiana. At what cost? Is America first good for the rest of the economy? Here's David Wright. Reporter: The president-elect appears to be basking in his new job. I'm here today for one main reason, to say thank you to Ohio. Reporter: Tonight addressing a rally in Cincinnati where he surprised the crowd by letting them in on a cabinet pick. His choice for secretary of defense, James Mattis, former head of the U.S. Central command. We're not announcing it until Monday, so don't tell anybody. Mad dog. He's great. Reporter: But trump gave over most of his day to jobs that are a bit less exalted than running the Pentagon. We're saving the jobs at the carrier plant from going to Mexico. 1,100 jobs. This morning in Indianapolis we met some of the workers. Among them, Paul roll and his family who feel like they've won the lottery. I'm pretty excited. I'm looking forward to going to work today. Reporter: He's been working at the local carrier furnace plant since he was 18. We get to keep our home. We don't have to move. Reporter: A job that until today he thought he was about to lose. I love you. I'll see you after work. Reporter: Earlier this year carrier threatened to close his plant and move 1400 jobs to Mexico. We just didn't see any hope of our jobs being saved. Reporter: The announcement from management captured on camera from one of his co-workers. Move production to Mexico from our plant. Reporter: A punch to the gut for these workers, but today at that same plant president-elect was here to tell them he saved the day. The inauguration still more than a month away. Donald Trump was already celebrating the first big victory of his administration. Companies are not going to leave the United States anymore without consequences. Reporter: Trump's triumph today means for now Paul's job is safe. This is a good day? A great day. Reporter: Good Christmas this year? Very good. Reporter: During the primary campaign trump was the first candidate to seize on the carrier closing telling the crowds at his rallies he'd call the CEO personally. It's not presidential for the president of the United States to call up the head of carrier, hello, this is the president, but I don't care. It's so much fun for me. I love doing it. Reporter: Some vowed to make carrier an offer they couldn't refuse. Every single unit in Mexico and sell in the United States, we're going to put a 35 % tax on that unit and I hope it works out well for you, folks. Reporter: Fast forward to today. Donald Trump did just what he said he would do. He picked up the phone. Reporter: Carrier gets $7 million in state tax breaks over the next ten years. In exchange they'll keep 800 manufacturing jobs at the plant here in Indianapolis along with 3 00 or so white collar jobs that were never scheduled to move, but carrier and its parent company still plan to move 1300 jobs to Mexico. Half of them from this plant, half from another plant in Huntington, Indiana. It remains to be scene. Is Donald Trump going to call company by company to try to get all jobs where companies have threatened to move to another country to outsource? I think that's pretty unlikely for the president of the united States, but he made this promise on the campaign trail, and he kept it. Reporter: Outside today's event we met some of the Huntington workers. Trump voters shut out of today's celebration. I don't understand how they can save these jobs and move north to save those too. Reporter: Right. Do you feel let down by trump? Right now I do. Reporter: The problem is that the situation at carrier is not by any means unique. In fact, it's happening all across the rust belt. Right now we've headed about a mile away from carrier to a plant that's going through exactly the same thing. This plant has been here for 40 plus year, they manufacture steel barings. Just a couple months ago, the management here announced plans to close this factory and shift all 350 jobs to Mexico. Among the workers set to lose their jobs, these guys. It would be any second plant closures. Reporter: Where did those go? 80% to China. Reporter: These business models. Moving these jobs out of the country may look good on wall Street, but it looks like hell from main street. Reporter: They have lost 5 million jobs since 2000, partly to jobs being moved overseas as a result of nafta and other trade agreements but also due to technologies taking over assembly line work that used to be done by humans. Today at the local union hall they were thankful trump seems to have saved hundreds of steel worker jobs but concerned about the bigger picture. We're appreciative of the work. There's still 13 00 jobs from carrier that's going to Mexico. Trump didn't say that today. Right now there's about 4,000 jobs in Indiana alone going to either abroad or overseas. In our state right now. Reporter: 4,000? When's the bleeding going to stop? Reporter: He's now set a precedent for tax breaks. Will every company will lining up for a handout? The president should in the be picking winners and losers. Reporter: Economists point out the U.S. Has tried this before. Trying to pressure companies to save high-paying jobs in the 1930s. It helped trigger the great depression. Donald Trump is an economic no stal gist. He thinks keeping the jobs of the past is the path to proser they. Reporter: That's a problem for another day. He got some priceless out of this politically. What mattered was that Donald Trump was able to prove at least now that he could follow through on a promise. This buys him a lot of political capital. Reporter: And even if it wasn't all good news for the workers, there was reason to celebrate. Remember that viral video that started the whole conversation? To move production from our facility in Indianapolis to Monterey, Mexico. Reporter: This woman is the one who shot it. She had no idea how it would end up. Did you ever think that small action would save all these jobs? Um, no. And I really didn't -- Reporter: You saved your own job? I said it before. It's part of god's plan. Reporter: I think a lot of your co-workers are saying thank god. It's really because of him. The position that our president-elect has right now, I feel god put him in that position. Reporter: The way she sees it, trump hasn't even taken office yet, but already he's doing the lord's work. I'm David Wright for "Nightline" in Indianapolis. 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{"id":43921696,"title":"Trump Celebrates Saved Carrier Jobs While Nearby Plant Plans Mexico Move","duration":"7:45","description":"President-elect Trump praised his deal to keep 1,000 Carrier jobs in the US, but ball-bearing plant employees might lose their jobs to Mexico. ","url":"/Nightline/video/trump-celebrates-saved-carrier-jobs-nearby-plant-plans-43921696","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}