Ty Pennington: Why He's Still Single

Host starts a new venture and says goodbye to "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."
4:23 | 01/12/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ty Pennington: Why He's Still Single
As the host of extreme makeover home edition Ty Pennington has filled the hearts of fans but. Making the domestic dreams of grateful families come true but now he's building something else and here's ABC's Andrea -- With the Nightline interview. You want to come and yeah. We caught up with Ty Pennington in what's become more than just his new dressing room -- my home now are you living here in this room. It's sad -- true. -- -- -- -- Yeah I'm traveling Gypsy and -- you -- that. Well so the country's most charismatic carpenter. Hasn't totally laid down roots just yet he has given up a life and making dreams come true on the road. Moving to New York. To host the new daytime show the revolution. Passenger. Everybody wants to change something about themselves and reach those goals that -- that you know you can but -- sort of haven't had the courage to do. In turn -- experiencing a revolution of his own. I permanently parking these famous wheels and retiring his signature catch phrase. I'll be going anywhere some will just yelled out on the street but -- and that's an alike. -- so yeah it's sort of I think I'll always be known as after countless tears shed over nearly decade. Traveling nearly 300 days a year to help families who need tiny -- home make over half their their last regular. Can show. This Friday -- I just -- and everyone who was involved in no. What it meant to mean and and how proud I was it's one of those things that you. You were personally -- people. You're getting emotional just talking about it well there's there's a reason two mean it's not just. The -- throughout the need the sort of journeys we got them. To be -- part of but our own journey. But there was a trade off for this 47 year old eternal bachelor. Helping others for nine years led to something missing in his own life so you make sacrifices we get out he added. The road can commute took place do you wanna start -- family. Oh gosh Yahoo! go online and to look at and it looks amazing looks like some time. So -- woman her life I'd like that yet. -- will continue to transform people and places on the revolution. The show is helping viewers and every aspect of their lives from weight loss to. -- -- handyman who started as a male model and got his big break twelve years ago on trading spaces. I -- like at this will -- -- defied the odds himself by building a life on TV while living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. The one big hindrance to come to that is just a lack of confidence -- -- at a young age of sort of I'm like oh my god to let him mow the lawn is gonna like you know cut -- his handlers and hit another kid in Iraq. But once you know you get away from that -- to believe in yourself sky's the limit. He admits -- ADHD presents a new challenge being in front of a live studio audience the -- will continue in -- -- but he's managed to turn all that. And -- blossoming brands that extends well beyond the small screen. It includes a lumber and fabric -- -- home decor collection at Sears and to design books. And for the man -- just can't turn his mind off actually has time for of all things of vomit bag collection. I actually use them as art look themselves sometimes -- it was an inspirational new drawings and and as you receive once mean that you know that it's genuine because it's vomit back meaningless is continuing on the thanks so let me -- loves you could actually. And there's his unusual photography fetish I can't envision feature -- just -- -- -- -- politicians. How do you take a break what do you think about one year. Not thinking about everything else well I I I write a song you know I'll sit down write a song about nothing -- -- something like this. And in many men and business news. A rare moment for the man who refuses to slow down for Nightline I'm Andrea canning in New York.

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{"id":15343889,"title":"Ty Pennington: Why He's Still Single","duration":"4:23","description":"Host starts a new venture and says goodbye to \"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/ty-pennington-single-15343889","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}