U.K.'s Haunted Places

Ghosts have been reported at abandoned caves, empty palaces, an old bookstore.
3:00 | 11/16/11

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Transcript for U.K.'s Haunted Places
You don't have to be a believer in the son dead to know that the power of -- stories lingers long after childhood campfire. Millions of us believe that goes do indeed in this vote tonight. Nick -- finds a society of ghost hunters. And follows them. Into the top. This -- seems. -- the tunnel we're in the best we believe this kind of breath -- -- would deepen warranted -- -- English hillside and fight from here. -- Probably the Franklin. When he -- -- -- you know -- -- is known to me they believe Benjamin Franklin who did once visit convoluted. -- -- east tunnels in his footsteps. Our belief in God's -- my analyst Warren. Quarter it rings and claimed to have seen here. -- and that number is climbing. This is who they say Holmes didn't -- -- and there's them unless lady -- consulate. And lady of -- and -- -- -- -- restless long dead prisoners in this. -- -- -- says rebels locked in here yes. And here it Henry the -- Alice portrait sold one that is executed -- holds this gallery from where she was dragged to her death. And it's in this gallery that people -- reported hearing those -- screams. Hands in this spots more than anywhere else in the palace six and a half acres of ground the building confidence. -- half the people who find front in this -- 2003 security cameras recorded these inexplicable pictures fire doors bursting open and an unidentified figure. -- -- -- It's Walt. And tools. -- -- -- find out -- that is not. And then there's number fifty Barkley square and anti aquarium bookshelf and this they say is the most homes in Madras. In -- The police once close -- top two floors some fearsome. It was the ghost apparently a man died of right in his bed on -- and terrified sailors threw himself from the window to escape its. Even war. And -- that actually happen but. The into it happens in the mobile so odor at Max curious type claims he's debunked and -- every -- and then that was -- Because in the oval and then. That is -- -- -- the mobile is has so Satan it's is make believe. And police closure notice wartime bomb damage says -- not a dangerous -- So why do the ghost hunters who here -- to believe. Suppose fundamentally people may be a little bit dissatisfied. -- the world that they see you around and want them to be something else that two with some -- for the -- I don't get to -- Is their search for something anything inevitable in an increasingly hopeless society. The -- as some sale or we will just reading. -- -- -- Watching Q many -- cartoons. TD. An elite village buildings -- from ties. -- -- a slight increase in the electromagnetic field around him this is Nolan can prove ghosts don't exist. We've gathered paranormal evidence here. In terms of again temperature fluctuations phones being thrown people have been -- But not even Barry has proved that boosts did. It is I don't think -- -- and oh to approve these before I thought onto the carry on in -- -- -- also went on with a comeback. -- -- -- What -- Clark Alfaro --

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{"id":14969600,"title":"U.K.'s Haunted Places","duration":"3:00","description":"Ghosts have been reported at abandoned caves, empty palaces, an old bookstore.","url":"/Nightline/video/uk-overrun-haunted-places-14969600","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}