UK's All-Male Synchronized Swim Team Left Out of Olympics

Team captain says, "Olympics are all about equality, yet we don't have a chance to compete."
3:42 | 07/30/12

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Transcript for UK's All-Male Synchronized Swim Team Left Out of Olympics
Did you read -- letter to the IOC about the fact that she wanted men's synchronized swimming in the Olympics. Right and that's about two or three weeks today. -- are you making it guys you seriously consider saints and the rules that countenance need to witness. We're not sure about London maybe -- -- -- sixty. What -- -- -- fun dancing nothing yet this way -- article but will it be optimistic that this thing. And men's synchronized swimming and never been an Olympic sport -- Nobody would it was meant he -- -- -- about hundred years ago State's public and admitted that. -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- this remains. Gwinnett schools. It's a really tough routine at the end -- costing. And restrict back into another round and we do today and -- a baby sit the younger people coming -- this encourage kids to get involved dancing grove. Showed up -- islands. -- plan he was the guys being Olympic level secret he has time and suddenly became Olympic sports -- the -- tonight. I'm thankful disease didn't recognize. And it's still this of the same old mindset that innocently when his fifteenth both bills. We -- tenants claimed it's it's. -- hey you never touching the ground. Think hard that is to be as -- you can't outside of the water so you'll have to lose lose lose lose you know. His -- And it's made its. Our work at -- you barely. I want to get have a lot of. The -- like we got a really good -- is that -- that we did go to bed. We can't -- women what's going on. Right. UK. And it's on very welcoming invite friends he can't think that's -- -- Saying that that great but I think it's good but they do. And a thinking person be opened to everybody whatever they aides have been -- and there. How do you get people to take. And in secret night. Lending serious. People to come and -- that. Facility is think. About the few people that have ties. This time. If I don't think this morning that I was pregnant. Maybe. -- -- -- Maybe dropping. What would you say the event the International Olympic Committee if you had a meeting with. -- I just say it's the IOC list. And -- the other men's teams too depressing thing they just let us have a loan through demonstrations say what it's about.

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{"id":16891180,"title":"UK's All-Male Synchronized Swim Team Left Out of Olympics","duration":"3:42","description":"Team captain says, \"Olympics are all about equality, yet we don't have a chance to compete.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/uks-male-synchronized-swim-team-left-olympics-16891180","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}