Wife Carrying: Couple's Therapy

It's the sport where husbands run with their wives slung over their backs.
7:01 | 10/25/11

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Transcript for Wife Carrying: Couple's Therapy
What's your favorite -- couple's activities doubles tennis square dancing scrabble. Or maybe you're just looking for that right past time to enjoy together something that combines the thrills of wife induced -- -- isn't mutual humiliation -- here's ABC's John Berman. For this disaster and -- and. It's one -- competition. When port couples therapy. One -- -- one part funny. -- -- -- race in one part racy. -- looking at exactly. And it's -- it's I don't mind didn't record -- -- Yes this is the North American wife carrying championships the gold. -- white faster than anyone else the location the -- Sunday river ski resort in May. 2009 champion Stephen -- -- 3829. Years old combined weight 275. Pounds. 2010. Can't -- -- -- and keep wants to go 44 and 43 years old combined weight. 333. Past the Castro's take this very seriously. Ever since -- first wrote about the sport in a magazine. And she comes -- instead is honey I have an idea right let's -- white -- right in -- day. I say yeah let's go for -- -- -- -- It was occurring to you for your marriage. I think it really brings us together it's one of those scenes that we come home -- I come home. And I'm excited to talk about it -- when Kim peek at different approach. We even -- since last year is -- you don't practice it all known as the first well we went behind the dumpster there this morning showed up in time. Practice for a few minutes but now we don't trainer and they're not even actually Mary but the competition. Does -- make that requirement. Both teams almost all can. -- and yes He invented for -- Look something like gates who wants legs around the husband can. Tell me again why this is fun for you. It's fun. Why is it called the Estonian message. It has to do the legend of the support and well I guess Estonian mystic -- Danish village and literally deal -- and -- activist -- to keep his own lives. You're celebrating that yet. Lacy was good enough to let me try it again it's not easy as a -- -- husband and question. But it's time -- the rose. Teens were part of about it's -- the title hopeful after -- couple reaching up that you under this and mountain agony. In Ecstasy. First round -- school couples left power couple a match between the 2009 and 2010 champs. Why I work in entering into the general public. Pretty soon wine and over it and they're off Rocco when He jumped down from an early lead -- just. France pulled the law. -- and -- the winners in returning champions and want to go today. -- -- In my case California I think it's working. It's working thinking. In the runners up. It's all worth it nationally. -- I -- it again I had two. Remember there -- it's like -- And -- -- stick to the Estonian -- I'm -- burden for Nightline at Sunday river in Maine.

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{"id":14807170,"title":"Wife Carrying: Couple's Therapy","duration":"7:01","description":"It's the sport where husbands run with their wives slung over their backs.","url":"/Nightline/video/wife-carrying-ultimate-couples-therapy-14807170","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}