Woman Drops 130 Lbs Post-Radical Surgery

After a lifetime of diets, Holly Matherne made a drastic decision for her health
5:31 | 11/11/11

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Transcript for Woman Drops 130 Lbs Post-Radical Surgery
It's thick -- of extreme decision that if we are lucky we never face to risk an irreversible medical procedure. In hopes of repairing a chronic health problem and starting life and you. The woman you are about to me now 39 years old. Came to believe that her weight problems would kill her before she got to see -- children -- so she took the lead. Here's ABC's Matt -- with her story. For -- but -- the breaking point came -- her ten year old son Peyton couldn't get his arms around her for a -- When we first met her last October it was more than 200 pounds overweight. She could barely walk much less keep up with Payton who eleven year old son Tyler and her husband Barry. I. For as long as she could remember only the -- has been -- Every. And growing up she thought her personality could deflect attention from her body -- I always tried to. It defining friend -- fine arts and now. Cracked jokes -- people and really -- by the way outlook should try to hide the weight in other ways always fight to volunteer to take -- -- or I would be in the back to no political complications yet. But -- 370. Pounds Polly was morbidly obese as a nurse she knew she had her life around. Or it was too late I want to be around I want I want my grandchildren one day -- want to see my kids get married you know. Although -- mouth and millennium or after years of unsuccessful died -- -- decided on a drastic measure sleep restricting surgery. To remove 85%. Of her stomach. Permanently I don't want reports from -- So for over a radical operation that is now being conducted on an outpatient basis for as little as 121000 dollars. The beauty of this -- distractions that. The patients lose weight twice as fast as we have seen with other surgical procedures. That's doctor David tree -- geriatric surgeon and the preacher of the sleep distracting me gospel. Analysts Bennett. Are not obese not just Karen Tanya. Yeah. Dad and talent. And -- -- was. Paramedics are not doing that anymore I'm ready to do with her -- -- was. In less than an hour and with very little blood a banana sized pouch is cut from the stomach and stapled shut. The remainder of the stomach is twirled out of a dime sized hole. What kind of weight do you expect people could lose -- in the first let's say. Three months it's not unusual for us to see a patient lose. 400 pounds in six months what also goes in the stomach is removed is a hormone called -- -- grown as this powerful appetite stimulant and we removed this part of the stomach most of our patients tell us after surgery they're not hungry ever. -- distracted he is a new procedures then traditional Barry accurate surgery. So -- that it's not covered by insurance in most cases. The long term consequences are still unknown the short term results however are stunning. I'm Melanie I had my surgery five months ago I had gastric sleeve and I lost 83. I'm -- I am user 83 and a half months have grown up lost 66. I am the only guy left -- -- BP pounds. Eleven months. For holly the results are just to -- it and he might have lost fifty. Her entire relationship for food is cheap meals are now healthy and every morsel -- thirty times. Thank -- little thing can you handle that for the surgery -- this would you be probably a Canadian dollar. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One year after her surgery a 135. Pounds -- or her portion sizes are still tiny. I'm well I am yeah I did -- -- -- little piece of -- going to be the bids but when everyone around her hands full plates she's not even attempt. If I wanna -- a -- and I let myself have that case that it I don't let it. Control me -- are it doesn't consume my thoughts pike east you. For the first time as long as this 39 year old can remember she's excited about something new. -- -- -- -- I could -- -- -- I like to try on different things different colors think that would have never picked up before she's gone from a size thirty. To a size eighteens also shed. It had visions she says her -- like I always thought I was very outgoing I thought I had had -- personality. But I find on the left had -- -- in social situations. Always the economy the Guerrero who stood in the back for the picture -- off fine. I don't -- -- comfortable socially. And there's an even more important milestone. My younger -- he -- home in what sector he went up and hug you and I think it's time. Remember would -- little fingers didn't quite make it around his mom's waste and -- -- the campaign talking like he hopes. It just felt so good to be up with a -- -- following around my back home for Nightline I'm Matt Gutman in Huntsville Louisiana.

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{"id":14930079,"title":"Woman Drops 130 Lbs Post-Radical Surgery","duration":"5:31","description":"After a lifetime of diets, Holly Matherne made a drastic decision for her health","url":"/Nightline/video/woman-drops-130-lbs-post-radical-surgery-14930079","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}