Zombies! The New Horror Obsession

ABC's Matt Gutman gets zombie-fied on the set of AMC's "The Walking Dead."
5:02 | 10/29/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Zombies! The New Horror Obsession
-- rarer and delightful moment is almost upon us when knocking on your neighbor's door covered in blood is encouraged. With candy. Americans are expected to spend seven billion dollars on Halloween and the odd -- this year. Brain snacking zombies but by now the -- -- invasion bigger than Halloween much. Much bigger here's ABC's Matt -- -- -- -- -- -- devoured but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- These are all start -- stars of alien c.'s hit show the walking dead. Human -- -- during a zombie apocalypse. Whole process that usually around an hour. And then we have black. Now friends to stay in their teens making it Terrell co executive producer -- he's walking dead is arguably the origin of this most recent zombie strategic. The people became really obsessed with the idea behind that you know I I really honestly believe it's just the fact that. As people grow up being fans of the -- that there's something about zombies that are iconic. -- -- -- -- -- Creeping up -- the sexy vampires twilight dynasty. For human not ones who risk and over the past decade films like Resident Evil I Am Legend and spooky zombie land clearly. -- that you -- The vast array of zombie dvds video games and accessories -- -- million dollars. And with the success of the walking dead seven million people watched the show's -- there's -- -- we flew. The un dead in the year -- obviously they keep created. So far. Career lord I think we're probably. Who have found 400 on season two so far. His professional life has been dedicated to transforming average looking people. To an army of flesh -- -- loud slurping pools. -- bad inherently violent about flattered and grateful. And come Halloween two point six million zombies will. Lurch towards your front door for candy The National Retail Federation is calling it the trendiest costume this year. Edwards doing so called zombie walks current global from Dublin Ireland Grand Rapids, Michigan. And -- to ever be attacked by zombies the CDC has -- zombie apocalypse survival guys really. -- forty page illustrated developed spelling out how to avoid getting eaten alive the note to selves by -- Yet and a back. But life as a zombie TV star is -- all that exciting and walking gates said. Don't we spend a lot of time reading -- flipping through their iphones. -- -- -- -- It's hard not to look at your teeth were talking to you think that -- -- quite prominent connect you had. Predicted -- the appeal is aesthetic for others it's more -- Whole concept of what an apocalyptic. Minds. Think about animals -- -- another human BE. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anything with -- -- even reports. I loaded at all with -- guts and all this blood and -- -- like. With -- government which the director says action. And I went to Frank -- you -- three seconds to roll camera before they -- them host. So to get a feel that -- -- the excitement -- Terrell genius signs his team would think the lesson -- Feeling years leaders on my neck yeah -- is -- -- yeah. Listen to wardrobe. Back is good right -- -- -- -- -- and that program I think it couldn't hurt but the maker sun April. Viennese outlook -- lesson three make up. -- -- -- -- -- And no zombies complete without -- did -- Case. And then finally I'm -- back to the guru -- an average and a source says the fascination with or some scenes influence. So you have tickets people when you're growing -- you're either with hair brush singing into a -- where your practicing -- No other apple on the well. Turns out being zombies is not unique to all of this but once -- a -- -- I America. Looking good Matt Gutman thanks to you and.

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{"id":14840311,"title":"Zombies! The New Horror Obsession","duration":"5:02","description":"ABC's Matt Gutman gets zombie-fied on the set of AMC's \"The Walking Dead.\"","url":"/Nightline/video/zombies-horror-obsession-14840311","section":"Nightline","mediaType":"default"}