Columbia Univ. Ranks Highest in Sex Education

"Knowing that my efforts helped ASU significantly move up in the rankings is a satisfying feeling for sure," ASU business sustainability major and campaign participant Aaron Quihuis said. "Let's face the facts here, students in college have sex, and although ASU can do little to stop kids from having sex, we can at least promote 'safe sex' and methods that come from this concept."

This year ASU jumped from No. 113 to No. 89.

"All in all, the report card and sexual health are extremely vital to the student's safety and health," Quihuis said.

Trojan will also be teaming up with Rock the Vote this year to engage in conversations on a political level during mid-term elections. By including sex health questions in candidate surveys and interacting with sororities, both groups hope to create conversation on campuses.

Project manager Tetreault points to statistics as one of the main reasons why Trojan is targeting sororities versus fraternities. He says women purchase one third of all condom sells. The company aims to educate on the importance of "evening the playing feel" and making both parties equally responsible when it comes to sexual protection. Future outreach will target fraternities and different organizations across college campuses.

"Hopefully everybody's grades get higher," Tetreault said. "If we can get all those GPA's up it's better for everybody, and we can start reducing those scary statistics." contributor Ashley Jennings is a member of the ABC News on Campus bureau in Austin, Texas.

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