$30 Million Pouring In to Influence Wisconsin Recall Elections


"From the DFA's perspective it is the most important campaign. We are focusing … all our resources. To us, it is more important than the debt ceiling [fight]. It shows Republicans have gone too far," Layendecker said.

Sroka also mentioned the debt ceiling debate and said it's a "real contrast" between what's going on in Wisconsin and the debt negotiations, setting a win on Tuesday as redemption for what the progressive movement saw as a loss earlier this week.

"This week in Washington, Democrats gave in to Republican and Republicans got everything they wanted," Sroka said. "What's going on in Wisconsin is, students and workers are fighting back and are going to be successful on Tuesday."

Many of the groups involved in the debt ceiling fight on both sides are also involved in the Wisconsin recall election.

Conservative activist groups -- FreedomWorks; the Wisconsin affiliate of Club for Growth (which does not coordinate with its national arm); and Americans for Prosperity, among others -- are also pouring money into the race. One political action committee, the Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama, is fundraising up to the last minute, continuing to send e-mails to supporters.

The e-mails ask for a donation and claim "new polling" they've obtained show Republicans ahead in three and down in three of the races on Tuesday, adding they are placing another round of television and internet ads for the campaign.

However, polling is difficult, as McCabe pointed out, that it's hard to know who will show up in the middle of the summer.

"When it comes down to turnout and who votes, based on the primaries there might be an edge to Democrats, who've got the most stirred-up voters, but when it comes to campaigning and the money game, it's pretty close to a draw," McCabe said.

Jacobs agreed, saying he doesn't think it's possible to tell right now and polls are both close and unreliable when many Wisconsinites go to their summer cabins in the north, but the Democrats "have an outside chance" of gaining three seats Tuesday, stressing it is a "possibility."

Jacobs says that even if that does happen, and Democrats gain a majority, they'll still be "holding their breath" until Aug. 16 when two Democrats face recall. At least one of the Republicans challenging an incumbent Democrat has tea party support and could benefit from the national attention.

There has already been one recall election held on July 19. Incumbent Democratic state Sen. Dave Hansen was able to hold onto his seat from challenger Republican David VanderLeest.

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