Time's Up, Imus

Watching the Imus train wreck this week has definitely been entertaining. Between his disastrous appearance on Al Sharpton's radio show -- from his "I can't get anywhere with 'you people'" to "I'll bet I spent more nights with black children who weren't related to me than you did" -- and his feeble, lame guest shot on the "Today Show" -- angrily trying to cut off Matt Lauer by calling him "Mark" -- it's been somewhat satisfying to see a man with so much contempt in his heart for black people have to squirm and twist in the wind.

Besides, I got a personal kick out of seeing myself become a punch line for Jon Stewart on his "Daily Show" on Comedy Central. He played a clip of a bunch of us TV talking heads talking about the Imus scandal and concluded with showing me on Fox News Channel saying "Nappy-headed whores" (instead of hos) and joking about how I evidently received the wrong information about the event. It was pretty amusing, but for the record, Mr. Funny-Man-Stewart, not everyone realizes that "ho" means "whore."

But let's try not to forget that a team full of somebody's daughters was deeply hurt by Don Imus and the ensuing publicity surrounding his comments. Imagine what it must be like to be a black American and have to witness this debacle.

As I said to the callers to my talk show this week who wanted to defend Imus: If someone called your daughter a whore, would that be OK with you?

More importantly, if you ran a radio or TV network and someone you paid handsomely said something as bigoted as what Don Imus said, would you keep him on the payroll?

I sure hope not.

Mike Gallagher is a national syndicated talk radio host and a contributing editor for Townhall.com. His Web site is http://www.mikeonline.com.

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