Michelle Obama Touts Husband's Values, Her Working Class Roots in Opening Speech

"Republicans say John McCain has experience. We say John McCain has the experience of being wrong," she said.

Pelosi praised Clinton saying, "All Democrats salute Senator Hillary Clinton for her excellent campaign. Our party and our country are strengthened by her candidacy."

Illinois Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., a rising star in Democratic politics, invoked Martin Luther King in his speech.

"I'm sure that Doctor King is looking down on us here in Denver noting that this is the first political convention in history to take place within sight of a mountaintop," he said.

"I know Obama, I've seen his leadership at work," Jackson Jr., said. "Freedom in American never rung on a higher mountaintop than today."

Absent at this convention is Jackson's father, Rev. Jesse Jackson who has spoken at every Democratic convention since 1984 until this one. Jackson apologized recently for attacking Obama in colorful language caught on video.

Obama, Clinton Forces Hand Out Petitions for Nomination

The Obama and Clinton forces jointly handed out petitions for nomination for Obama, Clinton, Biden. Each of them needs a minimum of 300 signatures to get their names on the ballot.

Just another part of the "unity" choreography leading up to Wednesday's planned aborted roll call.

The opening night of the Democratic convention comes as Democratic leaders attempt to unify the party and mollify Clinton supporters, after a lengthy Democratic primary battle.

Clinton spoke to delegates of her home state this morning at a breakfast in Denver and argued that she is pushing for party unity. In her remarks this morning she said the word "united" at least nine times during her remarks, per ABC News' Eloise Harper.

"Let there be no mistake about it," Clinton said. "We are united. We are united for change. We are, after all, Democrats, so it might take awhile. We're not the fall in line party -- we're diverse, many voices. But make no mistake, we are united. "

However she reminded reporters that she won the popular vote during the primary season if Michigan and Florida votes were counted.

Asked later whether the focus on her was stealing the limelight from Obama's convention she said, "There is no doubt in anyone's mind that this is Barack Obama's convention as it should be. And there is no doubt that what we are doing is tying to bring everybody together."

Some Clinton supporters on the convention floor including Texas Democratic delegate Pam Durham, 55, said she'd be disappointed if she didn't get a chance to vote for Clinton.

"Voters sent me here to vote for Hillary Clinton," she said, "We have to stand for the democratic process."

Before the convention program got underway, a small group of about 15 Clinton supporters in front of MSNBC's news set, clashed over who deserves the nomination, per ABC News' Eloise Harper.

"Haters, that's what y'all are. Haters! You're not a Democrat! You're not a Democrat!" a man holding up an Obama sign shouted at a Clinton supporter.

"You lost, get over it!" another Obama supporter chimed in.

A handful of Clinton supporters also dogged MSNBC "Hardball" host Chris Matthews, calling him a "sexist pig" and booing him as he walked onto the network's set. The Clinton campaign and other women's groups loudly complained about comments Matthews made perceived as chauvinistic.

Michelle Obama's Brother Introduced Her

Michelle Obama's brother Craig Robinson, a basketball coach, introduced his sister tonight.

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