Republicans Tout McCain's Service; GOP Convention Distracted by Palin Revelations

One surprising person who will be watching Palin's back is the Democrat Ferraro.

Ferraro, who had complained that Sen. Hillary Clinton was subjected to sexism during her losing presidential bid, told "GMA" that Palin was open to questions about her experience. But she and others, she warned, "will be watching ... no sexism."

The Republican convention program begins tonight at 7 pm. ET, with speeches by McCain campaign co-chair Meg Whitman who will talk about the economy and adviser Carly Firorina, who willlay out what a first term of a McCain administration would look like.

"We will delve into issue of trade, economics, health care, economics with a special focus on energy and the environment," McCain campaign manager told reporters on a conference call Wednesday morning.

Former McCain rivals former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Arkansas Mike Huckabee will also speak, drawing a "sharper contrast in their speeches tonight describing what John McCain will do for country as opposed to his Democratic opponents," Davis said.

After the Giuliani speech, Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle will introduce Palin, who will accept the party's vice presidential nomination.

After Palin's speech, there will be a roll call vote tonight culminating in John McCain becoming the Republican nominee.

"We're getting a little bit more political tonight than we did before…focusing on the campaign going forward," Davis said.

Davis attacked the media for writing stories about Palin's daughter's pregnancy.

"The salacious nature in which these outlets have been trying to throw dirt at our candidate is inappropriate," Davis said.

"There has been a negative reaction to pursuing these kinds of stories," Davis said.

The McCain campaign continued to defend their vice presidential pick Wednesday.

"She has appealed to a wide variety of voters, Republicans and Independents alike," Davis said.

President Touts McCain: 'Ready to Lead'

Attempting to seize back control of the Republican message, Tuesday night's covention program was dedicated to a biographical sketch of Republican presidential nominee John McCain, and focused on his service to the nation as a fighter pilot, a prisoner of war and a longtime U.S. senator, though McCain did not appear at the convention in person.

The convention program was brought to a standstill when former President George H.W. Bush and former first lady Barbara Bush walked into the convention hall to take their seats.

The crowd jumped to its feet, cheering and applauding as the Bushes waved and shook hands with well-wishers.

The speaker at the podium, Minnesota fire department captain Shanna Hanson, could only stand and applaud the former first couple herself.

Instead of running away from the Bush administration, the convention highlighted it to the delight of Republican delegates, many of whom represent the conservative base of the party.

Former Bush strategist Karl Rove waved to the crowd from the Fox News booth inside the convention hall Monday night and got a huge cheer. Delegates on the floor waved signs that read "Country First" and "Service" -- highlighting Tuesday night's theme.

President also addressed the Republican faithful.

The president appeared via satellite for an eight-minute speech from the White House Cross Hall.

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