TRANSCRIPT: The Republican Debate

BROWNBACK: Rebuilding the family.

You know, in Washington, D.C., right now, 63 percent of the children are born out of wedlock. Nationwide, the number is 36 percent. You can raise a good child in that setting, but it gets more difficult. The best place is between a mom and a dad bonded together for life.

I would stand for life. And I would appoint the next justice I hope would be the voting decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.



MCCAIN: I love my country. I've had the great honor for more than 50 years of serving it in the military, in Congress, the United States Senate.

And I am fully prepared -- fully prepared, more than anyone else running on either side -- to fight the transcendent challenge of this nation, which will be for all of the 21st century. And that is the struggle against radical Islamic extremism.

MCCAIN: We must win. We will win. And we will never surrender; they will.


GIULIANI: I would do the same thing that I did as mayor of New York City, and that is, I would restore hope, but for the people of the entire country: hope that this country can do great things, grand things, that we can build our future on optimism, not this kind of defeatism that I hear from the Democratic candidates.

And in deference to the senator, I think the senator is a great man and very well-qualified. But the fact is, I look at the three leading Democratic candidates. They haven't held an executive office in their lives. They haven't run a city, a state, a business. I think maybe they've run a club somewhere.

But the reality is, you've got to have some kind of experience for this job. You have to be able to show that you can accomplish things and you can get things done. And I've done that, and I would do that for this country.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Governor Romney?

ROMNEY: I've thought a lot about this question. And I take my inspiration from my dad, from Ronald Reagan, Teddy Roosevelt, the Declaration of Independence.

My view is that America is going to be strengthened by virtue of the presidency, if I'm able to have that opportunity.

I would strengthen America's military, make sure that we could be safe here at home. We know that we can be safe around the world. I want to have more troops in our military. I want to have them have the equipment they need on the battlefield and the care they deserve when they come home.

I want to strengthen our economy, keep our taxes down, become free of oil from foreign places, strengthen our economy so we have great jobs and a great future for our people.

And finally, I want to strengthen the American family. In my view, families, a strong economy and a strong military -- that combination of features is what makes this party so strong and accounts for our great success in the elections over the prior several decades and also is so critical to our future as a nation -- a strong economy, a strong military, and strong families. And I'll fight for those things.


STEPHANOPOULOS: Governor Huckabee?

HUCKABEE: I would put the very same frame on my wall in the White House I did as governor for 10 and a half years. It's a frame that has a photo, and underneath the photo it says, "Our boss."

My picture was never in that frame in 10 and a half years. Every week or so, we'd put the picture of some ordinary Arkansas citizen. And I told our staff, let's never forget who the real boss is.

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