TRANSCRIPT: ABC News/Facebook/WMUR Democratic Debate

And interesting, Diane, they kept sending e-mails throughout the debate to all of us reporters, sending e-mails about everything she was mentioning -- Senator Clinton was mentioning, on stage, in terms of things that they think that Senator Barack Obama has been inconsistent on, some of the items that she mentioned throughout the debate.

Those e-mails were coming into our inbox.

And one more thing: They think that it was a great line when she said that she would be the first woman president and that in itself would be a big change.

SAWYER: Sending you e-mails throughout? The precision team at work there.

OK, David Wright with Senator Barack Obama?

DAVID WRIGHT, ABC CORRESPONDENT: Diane, the Obama campaign is very pleased with this debate. After the hype of Iowa, he really had to do two things: One, he had to convince the New Hampshire voters that he's for real -- that there's substance behind the celebrity. And they feel like he did that, no major gaffes.

Also, he had to defend himself from incoming attacks. No doubt, he was helped by the fact that Edwards was there as a sort of de facto tag team.

But they feel that Clinton did not lay a glove on him -- if anything, that her attacks bounced back on her.


SAWYER: Right. And I should just point out that, with Charlie Gibson, at least, he had to be pleased that he got the results of the Redskins game, even...



SAWYER: ... from Senator Obama, even he didn't like the results of the Redskins game.

OK, David Muir is up next with Senator Edwards.


DAVID MUIR, ABC ANCHOR: You know, Diane, you talked about that immediate access these campaigns had with the reporters covering them.

I got this BlackBerry message almost immediately after that moment you and George talked about, when Edwards aligned himself with Barack Obama in reference to Hillary Clinton saying that when agents of change start talking about change, the status quo shouts back.

And there were bloggers already talking about this.

And so, the Edwards campaign sent out the blog with this headline: "RIP, the Clinton era, 9:34 p.m. Eastern Time." That was the moment that Edwards aligned himself with Obama.

Edwards knows that his survival depends on Hillary Clinton's demise. And that's the story headline that they would like, the dream headline that he defeated the Clinton machine in Iowa and did so again tonight, Diane.

SAWYER: OK, moving onto Jake Tapper now, Governor Richardson.


JAKE TAPPER, ABC SENIOR NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: The view from Camp Richardson is that the governor did draw some very strong distinctions with the other candidates in terms of being the one to end the war in Iraq most immediately, with foreign policy and national security strength.

They said he had the best line of the night and rose above the fray, when, after that unusual moment with Senator Clinton, he said, "I've been in hostage situations that were more civil."

TAPPER: And then of course they feel that he made the case strongly for his executive experience.


SAWYER: All right, well, thanks to the four of you. I know it's going to keep coming there, that you'll be e-mailing us and of course be online for everybody out there to hear more.

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