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Advisers Say Trump 'Missed Opportunities' at Debate

Donald Trump's campaign team admits there were "some missed opportunities" at Monday's presidential debate after they've had time to "digest" the real estate mogul's performance, sources tell ABC's CANDACE SMITH, JOHN SANTUCCI and TOM LLAMAS. One senior staffer, in a stark admission, says that Trump's failures were his own and "more a lack of execution than preparation." That staffer said that Trump "lost his nerve" in not hitting Clinton on certain issues like the attacks in Benghazi. Sources say Trump "did not get through the check list," but feel they have time to prepare for the final two debates. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will continue to be a part of sessions going forward and the team is hoping to emulate the town hall style of the next debate. But sources say no new prep has happened yet for the next debate on Oct. 9 -- the focus right now is on campaigning. http://abcn.ws/2dsdDII


Members of Trump's Family are Standing Behind the Leadership of the Campaign

Contrary to reports of dissension. "My siblings and I are thrilled with the current team, as we should be, given the success in the polls and in Monday's debate," Donald Trump Jr. told ABC News today in a statement. "There is no truth to this fabricated lie and we are excited to be working with these amazing professionals. The business continues to be tremendously successful as it has for years given our incredible assets and attention to detail in their management." http://abcn.ws/2dsdDII


Today on the 'The View'

An interview with Donald Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway. 11AM Eastern


Analysis - ABC's Rick Klein

Here come the reinforcements. Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders hit the campaign trail Wednesday for Hillary Clinton. Their separate events would be easy enough to miss in the blur of political news, particularly in the wake of the first general-election presidential debate. But those unlikely supporters are critical to the Clinton campaign's efforts to solidify and energize the Democratic base this fall. The two former political foes of the Democratic presidential nominee hold distinct but distinctly important appeals for voters where Clinton has significant weaknesses. http://abcn.ws/2cC9gVg


Debate Prep -- How the Site of the Vice Presidential Debate Was Picked

If the only Farmville you've ever heard of is the Facebook game, you're not alone. Many members of the political masses and traveling press will be looking up directions to Farmville, Virginia, home of Longwood University, the site for this year's vice presidential debate on Oct. 4. Longwood University, which was founded in 1839, has never hosted a presidential or vice presidential debate before, writes ABC's MEGHAN KENEALLY. The school's president, W. Taylor Reveley IV, said the decision to apply stemmed from a student's suggestion in 2014. http://abcn.ws/2drJtFH


'Especially Relevant to the 2016 Election'

The students "got to talking about how the modern presidential debates have a strong connection to Virginia," Reveley said in an interview. Moreover, "there's a narrative arc in Farmville and at Longwood that's especially relevant to the 2016 election," he said. "The Civil War functionally drew to a close along the north end of our campus, and then the civil rights movement really took its first powerful strides at the south end of our campus, with a student-led strike at the then-all-black high school," he added. http://abcn.ws/2drJtFH


Trump Jokes About Non-Conservative Christians at Iowa Rally: 'Should We Keep Them?'

Donald Trump was unabashed about his courtship of Christian conservatives at an Iowa rally yesterday. "We have our 'Christian Conservatives For Trump' today, and they are in the room ... That's what we want," Trump told supporters. "Raise your hand, Christian conservatives." What ensued was a sea of raised hands. But then Trump singled out those who do not identify as Christian conservatives, reports ABC's CANDACE SMITH. "Raise your hand if you are not a Christian conservative -- I want to see this," he said. "Oh, there's a couple of people." Trump's reaction to the few raised hands? "That's alright, I think we'll keep them, right? Should we keep them in the room? Yes? I think so," he said, as many at the rally laughed along. http://abcn.ws/2dlJfhy

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