Senators Defeat Anti-Abortion Amendment in Health Care Bill By 54-45

Senators today spent their ninth straight day debating the health care legislation. Lawmakers worked through the weekend to debate the bill, and were paid a rare visit by President Obama, who on Sunday rallied his fellow party members and urged them to "finish the job," adding that "The most costly outcome for everyone would be from a failure to finish."

But in the 40-minute closed-door meeting, Obama did not bring up either abortion or the public option, the other hot button issue in the health care debate.

Public Option Another Hot Button Issue in Health Care Debate

With Democratic leaders unsure if the option for government-run health insurance can get the 60 votes needed to pass, lawmakers are working behind closed doors on a compromise proposal that they hope may get more support.

One of the proposals under discussion would involve a national non-profit insurance plan, similar to the one offered to federal employees and Congressional staffers. The plan would be overseen by the Office of Personnel Management, which supervises the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. But so far, details of the plan remain murky.

The debate over abortion and the kind of public option that should be included in a health care bill reflects the deep divide within Democrats.

Most Republicans oppose the option of a government-sponsored health insurance plan altogether, and have focused their efforts chiefly on targeting Medicare cuts in the Senate bill. Republicans have offered numerous amendments to highlight the fact that the health reform effort would be paid for in large part by assuming future cost savings in Medicare and Medicaid.

With the exception of Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, who sided with Democrats in passing the bill out of the Senate Finance Committee, there are few signs of bipartisanship thus far.

ABC's Zach Wolf contributed to this report

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