Monday RNC Convention Wire Archive

Republican super lawyer Ben Ginsberg and Republican consultant Mike Murphy sighted tucked away in an empty section of MSG bleachers chatting about politics.

RNCC Adjourns Morning Session, Evening Session begins a 7:45 pm ET

Gov. Bob Taft of Ohio, Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, urges voters to cast their ballots for the Republican candidates running for governor across the country this year.

Rep. Jim DeMint (R-SC): "We've heard Kerry at his convention tell the ocutry that the sky is falling but we are here with our Preisdent to tell the country that the sky's the limit."

Rep. George Nethercutt (R-WA) : "I've been proud to stand with President Bush to fight this war on terror. I ask that our opponents meet us and debate the important issues of the day . . . to raise the level of discourse . . . "

Presidential adviser Karl Rove addressing the Ohio delegation his morning: "We got 64 days left, not that anybody is counting, and I'm asking you to do more than you've ever done before." Rove added that, "like it or not," Ohio is "ground zero" for the 2004 campaign, "and we'll be back again and again."

The roll call process has begun.

Vice President Cheney has left Madison Square Garden.

Vice President Cheney has been officially nominated by acclimation.

Vice President Cheney and Lynne Cheney arrive at the convention . . . crowd chants "four more years" as they sit in their box.

Gov. Bill Owens, Platform Committee Co-Chairman applaud President Bush's war on terror: "the world is a far better olace thanks to the leadership of President Bush."

Rep. Melissa Hart, Co-Chair RNC Platform Committee: "we place a special emphasis on ownership because as republicans we want all people to have vital stakes in all areas of our country....I have been proud to put together a statement of golden principles.

Sen. Majority Leader and Platform Committee Chairman Bill Frist thanks the delegates and notes "we stand firmly with President Bush...we proudly offer the American people a confident and forward looking vision....."

Rep. Dennis Hastert, convention chairman, touts the record of President Bush's record on the war on terror... accuses the "Kerry-Pelosi" team of being weak on battling terrorism.

Republican National Congressional Committe Chairman Rep. Tom Reyolds introduces Republican members of the house and candidates running this year: "we will work as a team committed to the pinciples and ideas of our Repuglican Party guided by the President."

RNC CEO Bill Harris: welcomes delegates....says he looks forward to hearing President Bush and Vice President Cheney's "optimistic" vision.

Gov. Marc Racicot welcomes delegates on behalf of BC'04 and notes "under President Bush we have a safer more hopeful America" and calls Bush one the "greatest leaders our nation has ever known."

Mayor Bloomberg appears on stage 30 minutes ahead of schedule to welcome delegates...."We showed the world that New York can never be defeated. If you believe in yourself and your dream, NY will always be the place for you." "I want to thank President Bush for helping New York City by changing the homeland security funding and fighting the global war on terror. The President deserves our support."

Former New York City Mayor and Democrat Ed Koch declares "New York is back better than ever" when introducing Mayor Bloomberg.

RNC Co-Chairwoman Ann Wagner gives thanks to "grassroots heroes."

RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie calls the convention to order.

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