Dick Armey Defends His $8 Million Deal to Leave FreedomWorks


"How do you mend fences? Like the Hispanic vote. You can't call her ugly all year round and expect her to go to prom with you. There is no more natural constituency for the values of the Republican party…than the Hispanic community…but our party has so alienated them that they are giving their votes to the Democrats. I always laugh this is a party that was born with the emancipation proclamation and we can't get a black vote to save our life."

Armey thinks the Tea Party is less relevant now because in 2010 "FreedomWorks was the spark plug, the command center, the switchboard, the information clearing house for that whole movement and we were focused on that."

"In 2012, Freedomworks spent its time monkeying around with Glenn Beck, didn't put money in critical races. If they spent half of the money in Utah becoming the enemy of Orrin Hatch and put the money in Missouri, Akin would never have become the nominee," Armey said.

He is frank that he's not sure how he will stay relevant, but he wants to "stay active in the cause of liberty and small government."

"I don't know how I'm going to do that," Armey said.

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