The G8 Potluck: What's for Dinner?

Literally: Harper's aides told the press that he wants to talk about "everything from Afghanistan to Europe's economic woes and the Iranian and Syrian crises." Might as well throw in global warming, education and whaling. And can we talk about the Northwest Territories for once, please?

Mario Monti: Value Meals

At this year's G8, Italy's prime minister (and finance minister — it's a double job) is not a cocky politician caught in sex, corruption and fraud scandals. He's a technocratic economist with his eyes on labor reforms and cutting spending.

Monti won't be in the spotlight much at the G8, and that's probably fine with him. He's only been in the job a few months anyway.

Yoshihiko Noda: Napkins

What a fun time for Japan's relatively new prime minister — his first G8, a free trip to Camp David, powwow time with Obama, and nobody has any beef with him. And he's not really asking for anything. But the new guy always has to bring the paper products.

Sure, Noda will pile on Germany with the rest of the gang, but he won't be first in line. Mostly, Noda is a reminder to the other leaders that if a crisis isn't dealt with speedily, bad things happen (remember the "lost decade" in Japan?). With that accomplished, Noda can focus on trying to photo-bomb as many pictures as he can.

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