George W. Bush consoles Joe Biden on ‘SNL' (VIDEO)

Last week's White House drama surrounding gay marriage was, predictably, the focus of "Saturday Night Live's" opening sketch on Saturday. Joe Biden--played by Jason Sudeikis--complains about being overshadowed by President Barack Obama. "I was the first one who said it should be legal," Biden says to Obama. "And now you're the one getting all the credit for it."

Host Will Ferrell reprised his role as George W. Bush, who plays Biden's imaginary friend "George."

"Those smartypants types are never gonna understand speak-first guys like us," Bush consoles Biden. "They're all brains. You and me, we're all gut and balls. Every decision I ever made happened between my belly button and the middle of my thighs."

Bush tells Biden he can relate to being overlooked in the Oval Office: "I used to catch grief all the time from President Cheney."

Watch the full cold-open above.

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