A Goat Mayor? That's Nuts! Also Dogs, Cats and a Mini-jackass

The Hank campaign argues that Hank is 52 in cat years, making him eligible to run for the seat. However, Matthew O'Leary admits that he does not have a valid birth certificate making him ineligible to be registered voter. According to O'Leary, "Hank feels that is an error or behalf of the government." Though these requirements are not fully met by the cat wannabe senator, however, that didn't stop his cat-paign from taking off. O'Leary claims, "This campaign will continue until election day." Hank has even released an official campaign ad.

When asked if the presumptive senator of Virginia knew Mayor Stubbs of Alaska, Hank's spokesperson said, "Of course, we have been trying to get in contact with him for a while but he gets a lot of publicity and his phone line is pretty busy." Hank considers Mayor Stubbs a trailblazer and would love to work with him once he is elected. Hank believes that it is important that animal politicians stick together!

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