Iran's Ahmadinejad Says America Entrusted Itself to the Devil


"Now, even elementary school kids throughout the world have understood that the United States government is following an international policy of bullying and this is amply clear," Ahmadinejad said.

"They command from behind the microphone. They command and impose their will on how things should be done and I don't believe that this behavior and this comportment is sustainable and will be continuing," he told the AP, adding that the entire system of "empires" is coming to an end.

The Obama administration has imposed tough sanctions on Iran and has said that Iran will not be allowed to build a nuclear weapon, even if that means taking military action to stop it.

Israel's President Benjamin Netanyahu has said that because Israel is directly threatened, it wants to see more immediate action to stop Iran and has threatened to strike without the United States' help.

Ahmadinejad dismissed Israel's threats on Monday, telling reporters that the Jewish state has overplayed it's hand.

"We do not take seriously what the Zionists are threatening," he said.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon had warned Ahmadinejad to tone down his rhetoric while at the United Nations General Assembly meeting.

"The secretary-general drew attention to the potentially harmful consequences of inflammatory rhetoric, counter-rhetoric and threats from various countries in the Middle East," the secretary-general's press office said in a statement.

But that hasn't stopped Ahmadinejad from expressing his often-inflammatory opinions in interviews. When he sat down with CNN's Pierce Morgan, Iran's president faced not just foreign policy questions, but personal ones too.

Ahmadinejad said Iran is a racially, ethnically inclusive society and that he would not have problem if one of his children married someone Jewish. But when asked how he would feel if one his children were gay, he was not quite so magnanimous, telling the host that Iran does not accept such "ugly" behavior.

"Do you really believe that someone is born homosexual?" Ahmadinejad asked Morgan. "Homosexuality ceases procreation. Who has said that if you like or believe in doing something ugly, and others do not accept your behavior, that they're denying your freedom?"

ABC News' Carlos Boettcher contributed to this report from New York.

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