First Lady Michelle Obama gives pair of emotional speeches in Colorado

First Lady Michelle Obama gave an emotional speech at a pair of campaign rallies in Colorado on Wednesday, urging voters to give her husband another four years in the White House--for the children.

"That is what I think about every night when I tuck my girls in," Mrs. Obama said at a high school in Centennial, Colorado. "I think about the world I want to leave for them. I think about how I want to do for them what my dad did for me.

"I want to give them a real foundation for their dreams," the first lady continued, her voice rising. "I want to give them opportunities worthy of their promise, because all of our kids are worthy. All of them. I want to give them that sense of limitless possibility. That belief that here in America, there's always something better out there if you're willing to work for it."

"So if you want to know why I'm passionate, it's because of them," she said. "We cannot turn back now--we have come too far. But there is so much more work to do. There just is. So let me ask one question--one last question: Are you in? Are you in?"

Like President Obama, the first lady used a teleprompter, but at times it didn't seem like she was working from script--even though she was.

"Four years ago, First Lady Michelle Obama was a reserved but supporting player in her husband's history-making campaign to win the White House," Peter Roper wrote in the Pueblo (Colo.) Chieftain. At both stops--in Centennial and Pueblo--Mrs. Obama gave the same 30-minute speech, "but like a veteran campaigner, she made the message sound passionate."

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