Marco Rubio loves hip-hop, The Gladiator and all things football: Ten details from new unauthorized biography

"In the forgettable 2009 film Couples Retreat, Ponce is the actor who steals one of the few funny scenes, portraying a buffed yoga instruct who makes the husbands jealous by performing sexually suggestive moves with their wives."

4. This is what Rubio sounds like when he's pumped

He sent the email below to his staff after watching this Senate campaign video for the first time.

Man, let me tell you guys something. I just ran this on my computer and three things happened. 1. I got chills. 2. My wife and children painted themselves up in blue face like Braveheart. 3. I went to the closet and got out my costume from Gladiator and I could hear the crowd chant: 'Maximus! Maximus!'

Let's go kill the emperor! I love it.

Do we need a small buy to push this out? Do I need to sell my car and take a second mortgage to pay for a bigger buy?

5. President Obama wrote about his drug dealer in his high school yearbook; Rubio wrote about his hair products

"One of the rituals of the senior year at many high schools around the country is the writing of senior wills. Outgoing students write a few lines, granting something they own to the younger students. In Marco's senior will he wrote, 'I. Marco Rubio, hereby bequeath my hairstyling secrets to Freddy.' Even as a high-schooler, Marco combed his hair neatly and conservatively."

6. Rubio's opponents in his first race for the Florida legislature tried to paint him as gay

"The race would give Rubio an up-close view of the political dark arts and the rough, no-holds-barred world he was diving into. During the race an attempt was made to discredit him by spreading rumors that he was gay. The rumor was not true, but it worried the young candidate. For a time he obsessed about it, frequently bring it up in strategy sessions, a person familiar with the campaign said. Finally a decision was made to douse the rumor by distributing a photo of Rubio with his attractive wife, who was pregnant at the time. The rumors went away."

7. Rubio immersed himself with Ayn Rand when he was first elected to the Florida legislature

"Rubio was more likely to read the sports page than weighty philosophical tomes. But by the time he finished his first legislative term, he had devoured Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged twice."

8. Rubio had to wear leg-braces as a kid, but went on to receive a college football scholarship

'"As a young child, I wore braces on my legs to correct a knee problem,' Rubio wrote in a moving open letter after the death of his father in 2010. 'I hated to wear them. So my dad would call from work and pretend to be Don Shula telling me I needed to wear them if I wanted to play for the Dolphins. (I always wondered why Shula had a Cuban accent on the phone but not on TV!)'"

9. Rubio loves sports, and once skipped a vote to watch the Marlins play in the World Series

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