Before Marco Rubio became senator: 15 stories from his younger days

"More good news arrived on September 25, when conservative columnist George Will wrote a very flattering and encouraging account of our campaign. On a Sunday morning a month later, I was making breakfast for the kids when I thought I heard Will mention my name on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos. I turned up the television in the kitchen in time to hear him predict I would win the primary. Jeanette came into the room and I excitedly told her the news. 'That's nice,' she said, then handed me a bag of garbage and asked me to take it outside."

14. To relax, Rubio watched scenes of This Is Spinal Tap between debate press sessions in 2010

"We always held a final, brief prep session on the day of the debate, and to break the tension, we would watch clips from the movie This Is Spinal Tap, a favorite of mine."

15. Rubio claims that Senate opponent Charlie Crist pounded Red Bull before debates: 'He reeked of it'

"I made my way to the the studio, where I found Crist already seated at the table. We exchanged pleasantries while a microphone was attached to my lapel. I was immediately struck by the smell of Red Bull. I don't know how much of the beverage Charlie had consumed, but it was enough to notice--he reeked of it. Plus he had a mug in front of him filled with coffee. I'm in for quite a ride, I thought to myself."

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