A Massacre in Syria Brings Foreign Affairs Into the Race, Briefly

No doubt there are probably Syrians wondering how many more reports of slaughtered civilians need to make their way to Obama's desk before he steps into affairs in Damascus.

"This can rapidly flip out of everyone's control -- events on the ground, and humanitarian disasters that we're seeing on the YouTubes and everything," Djerejian said.

Romney recently gave Obama an "F" on his foreign policy report card, and conventional political strategy would dictate that he's probably opposing the president on Syria because he doesn't want to appear hypocritical by agreeing with him after criticizing his entire foreign affairs agenda. Romney has blamed Obama's "lack of leadership" for allowing the massacre in Syria, and said that the United States and its allies should "arm the opposition so they can defend themselves."

"I don't really see any strategic value in the United States arming anybody," said Jim Carafano, the director of the conservative Heritage Foundation's Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies. "Let's be honest. It's irrelevant. ... Who knows what Syria's going to look like six months from now?"

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