Should Mitt Reveal His Taxes? Taking the Question to the States

Kathy Afzali, delegate in Maryland:

"What else do they want? It's like, come on. You know that the man has money. ... Romney clearly has been a very successful man. ... He earned it himself. So get over it, Barack, and get on with the issues on the economy that you've run into the ground."

Mike Hill, state representative in Alabama:

"No -- I do not think anyone should have to release their tax return for any reason. I am middle class and make a good living and that is all, so I have nothing to hide. But I think my tax return is personal. Everyone should take, should and does take every tax break available. It seems when a politician takes the breaks available he is doing something wrong."

Cary Weston, mayor of Bangor, Maine:

"I think regardless of party, office, and platform, we spend far too much time chasing the insignificant and feeding the nonsensical desire to find dirt. I think we've enabled the dumbing down of society in order to validate inaction and lack of contribution as acceptable. I think we don't take enough opportunities to tell people they will fail, they will be scarred, they will get bruises ... and it's all going to be OK. We don't focus on the core fundamentals of common sense. We don't ask enough questions. Simply put -- we don't care about what we should be caring about enough. So -- regarding your question about tax returns -- I haven't spent a second thinking about it."

Michael Hough, delegate in Maryland:

"When President Obama releases the fast and furious papers, which contain information about the death of a border agent-- then Mitt Romney should release all his tax returns. Until then Obama is just blowing smoke about transparency."

Mark Darr, lieutenant governor of Arkansas:

"Not one constituent has called to complain or ask about Governor Romney releasing his tax returns, but we hear daily from individuals who are concerned with our economy and creating more jobs. Right now I am more concerned with President Obama's recent anti-business remarks that he gave on the campaign trail this past weekend."

Calvin Hill, state representative in Georgia:

"Makes no difference to me."

Cam Ward, state senator in Alabama:

"Personally I do not care if he releases his tax returns or not. I believe this entire issue is a distraction from more important matters facing our nation and its economy. This seems to be a process story more than a matter of public policy. I would imagine at some point Gov. Romney will release his tax returns in the same fashion as other candidates traditionally have."

Edward Lindsey, state representative in Georgia:

"To put it simply, I am more concerned with the amount of additional taxes President Obama seeks to impose on the American people than the amount of taxes Governor Romney has personally paid in the past."

Mark Boughton, mayor of Danbury, Conn.:

"I think with all the problems that this country faces, we shouldn't be wasting another minute talking about Mitt Romney's tax returns. There are approximately 15 million people out of work, our people need access to housing, we need an energy policy that lowers the cost of doing business, we need to work on our infrastructure, our schools are hurting. Tax returns? Really? That's what the Obama campaign wants to talk about? Did I mention there are 15-20 million Americans going to bed tonight without a job? It's the economy, the economy, the economy."

Allen Peake, state representative in Georgia:

"I believe Governor Romney has provided 2 years worth of tax returns, which is consistent with what Senator McCain provided in 2008, so I am satisfied with that disclosure. I also believe this is beyond what is required by law. My personal opinion is that the Obama camp continues to use this issue to distract from the President's miserable and failed record, especially when it comes to the economy."

Addie Eckardt, delegate in Maryland:

"No It is his decision and I think the election needs to focus on the issues this county faces."

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