Whether Mormon, Catholic or Protestant, faith a major theme in Rubio memoir

"I love Christ Fellowship--I still do," Rubio writes. "And yet, despite the power of its message, I could never shake the feeling that for me something was missing. ... A deep, almost mysterious, emotional attachment pulled me back to my church. ... But I knew I faced a dilemma."

Rubio's four children now attend Catholic CCD classes and take Communion.

His book suggests that for him, worship does not end when he leaves the church property. Interwoven in the pages of his memoir, in which he takes the reader on a tour of his entire political life, Rubio invokes God in some form almost every step of the way. Early in his career, Rubio avoided discussing his faith because he "had been conditioned by political correctness," but appears to have become more comfortable discussing his spiritual journey in public forums.

The major turning point, he writes, came on his final day as speaker of the Florida House, where he delivered a speech heavy on the role of God on his public life.

"It had taken me too long," he recalls, "but I was determined not to leave the house without paying public tribute to God[.]"

In the book, Rubio devotes an entire chapter to his return to Catholicism, and not unlike a portion of President Barack Obama's political memoir The Audacity of Hope, describes the tenets that drive his faith. Bible verses are strewn throughout Rubio's book, and he describes pivotal instances in his career when he says spiritual guidance helped him gain personal inspiration and strength to carry on.

While campaigning for Senate against former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and former Rep. Kendrick Meek in 2010, Rubio carried with him a key chain bearing Joshua 1:9 from the Old Testament, which reads in part, "the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."

All of this is part of a common theme that carries on to the final line.

"And last but most important," Rubio begins the final sentence of acknowledgements to friends and family, "I thank my Lord, Jesus Christ, whose willingness to suffer and die for my sins will allow me to enjoy eternal life."

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