Obama and Camp David, by Mark Knoller's numbers

When President Barack Obama's national security advisor, Tom Donilon, set out Thursday to give reporters a bit of history about Camp David, he knew there was one person in the room he had to name-check: CBS News reporter Mark Knoller.

"It's always risky to do this with the presidential historian, Mark Knoller, in the room, but I'll do this anyway -- at the risk of being corrected immediately," Donilon joked in the White House briefing room as he opened a briefing on the G8 Summit.

That's because one of Knoller's standout traits in the White House press corps is his role providing the unofficial institutional memory: He keeps track of reams of presidential data. How many times has Obama met with Russian leader Vladimir Putin? How much money has Obama raised in this election cycle? What state has Obama visited the most?  Knoller Knows — and Knoller Shares.

In that spirit, here is Knoller's online piece describing Camp David, why it's not called "Shangri-La" anymore, and what amenities world leaders could find there when they arrive for the Group of Eight summit late Friday.

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