Obama campaign launches all-out blitz for Latino vote

Messina acknowledged that Obama is vulnerable on the economy — Latino unemployment was about 10.3% in March, against 9.7% in January 2009 — saying "there is much more to do." But he accused Republicans of championing "huge program cuts" in financial aid and other programs he called "essential to the Latino community."

Asked about Latino criticism of the Obama administration's aggressive deportation of undocumented immigrants, Menendez noted that the president has moved to focus those efforts on criminals.

"The reality is that the president has followed the law," said the senator, who stressed that those efforts were being "perfected" and suggested that Latinos "can live with" Obama's approach.

The Obama campaign announced the conference call with twin press releases, one in English and one in Spanish, which translated "Latinos for Obama" as...."Latinos for Obama."

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