Obama on nudity, drag racing, and how to write: 20 details from Maraniss' ‘Barack Obama: The Story'

"Wherever he went in Chicago, he had a pen and notebook with him. He constantly jotted notes or doodled. Since his lower school days at Punahou, when he got into superhero comics, he had shown a penchant for sketching figures and faces. 'He was always doodling, drawing, writing He could draw,' Loretta Augustine-Herron recalled. 'He could draw when we were in meetings, thing like that. He usually had a legal pad.'"

20. How Obama liked to chillax.

From a postcard Obama sent to friend Phil Boerner while he was back in Indonesia: "I'm sitting on the proch in my sarong, sipping strong coffee and drawing on a clove cigarette, watching the heavy dusk close over the paddy terraces of Java. Very kick back, so far away from the madness."

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