Obama Accepts Nomination, Says His Plan Leads to a 'Better Place'


President Obama Talks About a "Better Place"

"It's going to be very, very close all the way out, but I think the Republicans had an opportunity last week to lay out for the American people what they would do for the middle class. Our sense is that they missed the mark, so we think we're making a lot of progress this week. But again, you're not going to see big bounces in this election. I think for the next 61 days it's going to remain tight as a tick," he said.

Obama was slated to speak at the Bank of America Stadium, which seats nearly 75,000 people. Due to storms over Charlotte, the campaign moved his speech to the smaller Time Warner Cable Arena, where the rest of this week's convention has taken place, but seats only 20,000.

Before Biden and Obama took the stage, former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords, who was injured in a shooting in January 2011, recited the pledge of allegiance. The crowd already on its feet for the pledge, erupted in applause when she finished and many delegates had tears in their eyes.

A number of party loyalists and activists, from actress Scarlett Johansson to Caroline Kennedy, took addressing the arena. Former Mich. Governor Jennifer Granholm, however, fired up the crowd by saying that Obama's bailout saved the U.S. auto industry along with 1 million American jobs.

She counted off in a rising voice how many jobs were saved in many of the battleground states like Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Wisconsin and Michigan.

In contrast, she reminded the crowd that Mitt Romney said the auto companies should have been allowed to go bankrupt, and she portrayed him as an out of touch millionaire.

"He loves his cars so much they even have their own elevator," she said referring to building plans at a Romney home that include an elevator for his car collection.

"In Romney's world, the cars get the elevator and the workers get the shaft," she roared.

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