Robert 'RG3' Griffin III on Playing Football in a Political Town, Dream Pickup Game With Obama

YN: You came from a military family. Have you had the chance to interact with service members in D.C. since you've lived here?

RG3: I have had the chance to interact. Wounded Warriors, they bring them out to our practices and our games all the time and we get a chance to speak with them. Just the other day, we had a squad come out to one of our practices. It's just good to be able to show them the gratitude we have for them. My parents both served and my dad went over to the war. It's people like that who helped my dad come back. I lived in a military town so I understand that there's a lot of families who don't have their families come back. You want to show the appreciation they have for them, those who come back and the ones who have fallen because they're all ones who are helping keep this country upright.

YN: How do you feel about the winding down the military efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan?

RG3: Everybody wants world peace, and there's no telling if it will ever happen. But the one thing we can do is try to make sure that it's facilitated quicker without force. It's not me, I don't run the country.

YN: Have you thought of joining the military?

RG3: Not at this time. You never know what could happen, but at this time it hasn't crossed my mind.

YN: Let's switch to football for a minute. Can you talk a bit about the transition from being a college player to joining the NFL? Is it any different?

RG3: The game is different because everybody on the field is an All-American. The game is faster, the hashes are closer so the hits look more devastating. In that instance, it has changed but it's still football. As a competitor you rise to the challenge. You can still have fun, just make sure you don't change your mindset towards it. There's far more that goes into being a professional athlete than being a college athlete. So many differences that people don't realize. It's not just about playing football and getting paid to do it. There's a lot of things that you have to deal with.

YN: Have those things surprised you?

RG3: Not necessarily surprised me but it's different when what you dream of as a kid and you think, "I want to be a professional athlete." You don't necessarily say, "I want to deal with all these other things as well."

YN: What are those things?

RG3: It's not something to complain about, but just the major difference between college and the pros is that in college you're guaranteed four to five years so long as you don't do anything criminally and in the pros you're guaranteed one day because you can be cut the next. The fact that you see guys' dreams taken away from them; some guys get chances some guys don't. Some guys are on the team and the next day they're cut because they needed a wide receiver because one of the other receivers got hurt and they cut the [defensive back]. It's tough to have to deal with all those emotional highs and lows.

When it comes to contract and money disputes, all those things are far more complicated than people think. Off the field things with media interviews and fines and things like that. It's such a business that people don't realize it from the outside in, but when you're in the inside looking out you kind of see the freedom you had as a college player is basically gone when you're professional.

YN: You have mentioned a love of video games. You did a joint promotion with "Assassins Creed III" and Rock the Vote. Have you found time to make your way through the game yet?

RG3: "Assassins Creed III" is an awesome game. I've had the chance to play it and I'm about 45 percent the way through. I only can play here and there. I can't play nonstop for a long time. It's a fun game and I've played it before. ... It won't change the way you view history but it's certainly a twist on it and it's very interesting the way they go about explaining the story and the historical events. It's really cool.

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