Secret Service ousts three more, White House hits out at Palin


"Well, check this out, bodyguard. You're fired," Palin quipped.

"You know, the president, for one, he better be wary there of—when Secret Service is accompanying his family on vacation. They may be checking out the first lady instead of guarding her. And I say that not just tongue-in-cheek, but I say that seriously, that the president, the CEO of this operation called our federal government has got to start cracking down on these agencies! He is the head of the administrative branch and all these different departments in the administration that now people are seeing things that are so amiss within these departments."

"The buck stops with the president. And he's really got to start cracking down and seeing some heads roll. You know, he's got to get rid of these people at the head of these agencies where so many things, obviously, are amiss," she said. "Our president has poor management skills."

Carney sidestepped questions about potential disclosure of sensitive information as well as whether the scandal was an isolated incident or a symptom of a broader problem in the culture of the Secret Service, which was investigating the incident.

"The President does not want to, and I certainly don't want to, get ahead of the conclusions of the investigation, make broader judgments while the investigation is still underway," Carney said.

UPDATE 6:48 p.m. ET: This post has been updated to include details from the Secret Service's formal announcement regarding the additional agents placed on leave, the agent cleared of serious misconduct, and the additional agent placed on administrative leave.

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