Hillary Clinton's Political Future? It's In the Stars


Describing the exact timing of when the Aquarius period comes up is a complicated equation that entails tracking cycles of planet movement and "stacking them on top of each other symbolically," says Watson, but it's all part of the type of astrology the men who run the blog practice. Brennan, who is a former president of the Young Association of Astrologers, says it's derived from the Roman period and was originally designed to study the birth charts of kings and emperors and determine when the leader would hit the height of his career or social standing.

However, there is a rub: this type of astrology is reliant on a having a precise birth time. Because they have not yet been able to fully verify Clinton's birth time, though Brennan says he's been trying since 2005, the astrologers warn there is a margin for error. That said, the team says they have "good sources" on all other aspects of her life and feel they have put together a fairly accurate chart.

So yes, dear readers, "It looks like she is getting ready for a presidential run," says Brennan.

While skeptics may deem it silly to use astrology as a predictor of a political outcome, there is a history of politicians turning to the stars to make decisions. Former first lady Nancy Reagan invited astrologists to the White House to advise her husband. And other well-known astrologists say their client lists have included members of Congress and other high-powered people. Unfortunately, they won't say which ones.

Addressing skeptics, Brennan and Wilson say the way astrology is applied in pop culture -- for example, sun sign columns in magazines or sayings in fortune cookies -- contribute to the stereotype that it's not a serious, scientific medium.

"Real, advanced, horoscopic astrology, like what we practice, is not as easy to dismiss once you get into the actual mechanics of it," says Brennan. The team points to the evidence. In 2008, based on the charts of candidates Barack Obama and John McCain, the United Astrological Conference predicted Obama would be the winner. The team of Brennan et al recently published a post on their blog, again predicting Obama as the winner in 2012 after comparing his chart with Mitt Romney's.

The astrologers say they pride themselves on being non-partisan and are guided by science, not political affiliation.

Brennan says skeptics of political astrology should wait for the election outcome and judge for themselves.

In the interim you have your choice: listen to the political pundits, or look to the stars.

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