Super PAC Satire: Colbert Explains (Faux) Presidential Run to ABC News


Colbert brushed off such ballot access issues.

"They say I can't get on the ballot in South Carolina?" he said. "They said you can't go to the moon. They said you can't put cheese inside a pizza crust, but NASA did it."

According a South Carolina poll from the Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling group, Colbert is beating Huntsman, who finished third in the New Hampshire primary. Colbert had 5 percent of the survey compared to Huntsman's 4 percent.

Matt Moore, executive director of the South Carolina Republican Party, said Colbert's chances of winning his state's primary are "nonexistent." Moore sent a statement to ABC News dismissing the comedian's campaign efforts.

"South Carolina state law does not allow write-in ballots in presidential primaries. There is no 'blank' space on voting machines to write-in a candidate" wrote Moore. "Stephen Colbert has about as much a chance at being elected president in South Carolina as he does of being elected Pope. Zero. It didn't work four years ago, and it won't work now. The gag is worn out."

Colbert has dipped his toe into the Republican primary process multiple times this year.

After the South Carolina Republican Party reported having trouble financing its primary in December, Colbert offered to buy the state's primary with $500,000 from his super PAC, an offer the party declined. In exchange for the funds, Colbert said he wanted to re-name the primary, "The Stephen Colbert Super PAC South Carolina Primary."

The comedian also attempted to host his own GOP debate, saying on his Facebook page that there was "a giant, ego-shaped hole in the Republican primaries" after Donald Trump pulled out of moderating a Newsmax debate.

"Stephen is from South Carolina and he's going to do what he's going to do," Moore said. "He's in the business of comedy and he's from South Carolina, so it's no surprise he wants to be involved here."

Colbert grabbed headlines in June when a Federal Elections Committee panel approved his super PAC, which can collect and spend unlimited funds, and ruled that he could promote the PAC on his Comedy Central show.

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