Super PAC Raises Beer Money

Federal regulations aside, there are a couple campaigns that could put Bassali's bipartisan beer gatherings on the rocks. Both Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney are Mormon and do not drink alcohol.

President Obama, on the other hand, seems to be more receptive to compromise-creation over a couple of cold ones.

The president chatted with prospective voters with a mug of Miller Light during his bus tour last month. He talked through racial issues plaguing his alma matter, Harvard University, in 2009 over beers on the White House lawn. And he congratulated the first living Marine to receive the Medal of Honor with a pint outside the Oval Office.

It is that kind of "casual, low stress" environment that Bassali said he hopes to create with the money he raises through his Slam Dunks, Fireworks and Eagles Super PAC.

"I know it sounds like a silly concept, I know the name is silly, I know the concept is silly, but we are still very serious about it nonetheless," Bassali said. "It's so crazy it might actually work."

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