On to Super Tuesday: GOP Battles on for Tennessee

In the money race, Romney has trounced his counterparts in fundraising in Tennessee, raking in over $930,000 in the state so far, according to FEC reports. Paul has raised nearly $269,000, followed by Gingrich at $159,000. Santorum, who held a fundraiser in the Nashville area Wednesday evening, has raised a little over $38,000 in the state of Tennessee, but Santorum's campaign has boasted about the steady donations flowing into its war chest.

But regardless of the funds available to their campaigns, the candidates have to decide how much time and resources they want to spend in the state while other major contests, such as Ohio, Georgia and Oklahoma, loom as well. Santorum held two events in the state on Wednesday in Knoxville and Nashville along with attending a fundraiser and may return to the state before Super Tuesday.

Romney, who has announced a slew of endorsements from elected Tennessee officials, including the governor, has yet to hold a public event in Tennessee this cycle but has attended a number of fundraisers in the state, most recently on Nov. 17. It is unknown at this time whether Romney will campaign in the state before Tuesday's contest.

Gingrich was in the state earlier in the week but does not plan on returning to the state before Super Tuesday as he intends to focus on racking up delegates in Georgia with a brief jaunt to Ohio on Saturday, but his heavy focus on southern states might not reap as great of benefits in Tennessee as he had hoped, unlike Huckabee, who in 2008 carried Tennessee and other southern states.

"Huckabee tapped into the evangelical vote, but he also didn't have the baggage Gingrich had," noted Greer. "Huckabee was a very strong candidate, and Gingrich is a powerful figure, but he's controversial."

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